Leprechaun on the Loose

Leprechaun on the Loose

Looking for a great learning connection to literature for making leprechaun traps and other St. Patrick’s Day activities? You must check out this use to use Leprechaun on the Loose reading expansion pack.
If you can’t find this book, you can watch it here on YouTube.

Leprechaun on the Loose Story Sequencing

Leprechaun on the Loose Story Sequencing

Learning to sequence a story can be a huge feat for little learners. As a veteran teacher, I can tell you that after we read the story, Leprechaun on the Loose, we go over these sequencing cards. Then, we read the story again and put the cards in order to help sequence the cards. Next, we complete the printable sequencing activity.

Reading Comprehension Game

Leprechaun on the Loose Reading Comprehension Game

It can be difficult to work on reading comprehension standards in a fun way. I have discovered that year after year, regardless of the level of students I teach, using reading comprehension games like this one above are such an engaging way.

To play this Leprechaun on the Loose reading comprehension game, students use simple counter or math cubes at the start spot. I recommend playing this game in small groups. When a student answers a question correctly, they can roll a die and move that many spaces. If students do not answer correctly, they do not get to roll or move spaces. The student who gets to the “end” space wins.

Simple Tip to Collect Data

One huge teaching tip I must share with fellow educators. Use these games to keep data. To keep data I use a class list and a writing utensil. In a small group, I simply mark student responses. If a students answers correctly, I give them a check by their name. If they miss an answer, I give them an X. I keep a record of all these games for the entire year.

Respond the Literature

Response to Literature with Leprechauns

Kindergarten students are expected to write and write a lot. I have always seen success when I allow my little learners to connect writing to something they are interested in. Responding to literature is a great way to work on writing.

Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing Options to Respond to Literature

One type of writing my students need to work towards mastering is opinion writing. Once we read Leprechaun on the Loose, a huge questions at the end of the book is whether the main character should keep the leprechaun to show his class or let the leprechaun go and save the party. This creates a great opportunity to pose an opinion writing.

When we read a book we love like Leprechaun on the Loose, we try to use ideas and themes from the book to tie into reviewing to skills for mastery. Check out this fun St. Patrick’s themed numbers to 20 self checking puzzle.

STEM Activity

We started this by using literature to guide so many of our standards and content. Now we can use this book to also create leprechaun traps, like in the book. You an check out more about this here.

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