Keeping Your Child on Track: Effective Strategies for Parental Support in the Home Stretch of the School Year


As the end of the school year approaches, many students and families can start feeling burnt out and anxious. The promise of summer vacation is so tantalizing that it can be difficult to focus on finishing the year well. However, it’s essential to remember that the final months of school are just as important as the rest of the year. With a little effort and guidance, students can finish the year strong and set themselves up for success in the future.

Wait! Before the year ends, use our tips to help your child end the school year strong!
Wait! Before the year ends, use our tips to help your child end the school year strong!

Here are five tips for helping students succeed as the school year comes to an end:

  1. Help students get (re)organized: Organization is a crucial skill that many students struggle with. Take some time to ensure that your child’s backpack and homework area are still organized and functional. Check that all necessary school supplies are remain in usable condition. (My son’s two pocket folders are destroyed!) If your child is having trouble maintaining an organizational system, teach them how to do it effectively. Remember, this is a skill that’s learned over time, and you’ll likely have to re-teach it frequently before it fully sinks in.
  2. Keep open lines of communication with teachers: For younger students, it’s essential to reach out to their teachers early on in the year. Set a meeting for a time when the teacher can sit and focus on your child’s needs with you. For middle school and high school students, encourage them to start conversations with their teachers themselves. Teachers appreciate students taking responsibility for their progress, and they’ll be more likely to help when they see students being proactive about their grades.
  3. Engage in learning activities as a family: Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Spend time reading together, pick up books from the library and designate a family reading hour with calming music and cozy beverages. Play games that require math or logic, like card games or board games. Parents’ attitudes towards learning and school are contagious, so make sure to speak positively about education.
  4. Ask for help if needed: If your child is struggling, ask at school what supports are available. Many school districts offer free online tutoring, after-school homework help, and extra time with teachers. Take advantage of these options while there is still time for catching up.
  5. Engage in conversation about school: Regularly ask your child about what they’re learning at school. Ask about their toughest subject and the most interesting one. Inquire about any upcoming school activities they’re looking forward to or any funny stories they want to share. Actively engaging in their education is one of the most significant determining factors in their future academic success.
Child working on her homework

Helping students succeed in school requires sustained effort and guidance, which is as much a feat for parents as it is for students! Parenting is a tough job, and supporting your child’s education is no exception. Remember that you are doing a great job by caring enough to support your child’s academic success. It’s not always easy, but your efforts make a significant difference in your child’s future. Keep up the good work!

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