June 2021

It's the final countdown!!!
(Please don't tell me I'm the only one singing that song LOL!)

May 31-June 4, 2021
June is our final month of school.  We are still on remote learning (not sure if/when we will be back in the classroom before school lets out!).  What's coming up this week?

All of the asynchronous activities I ask my students to choose from are found on my weekly choice board.  This pack for June has 4 weeks of activities (10 activities they can choose from each week -> religion slides have 12 activities).
We will be starting with Week 1.

We have a few inquiries on the go - planting, insects and my students have expressed interest in spiders (which, we found out last week, are not insects!).
(I'll post more pictures as we do our activities!  Be sure to check out last week's blog post to see more!)

Here's a great video all about plants and bees, too!  We will be watching it later on this week!

A new month means new religion activities!
This pack is full of hands-on activities and lessons and can easily be adapted for remote learning. 
We will be starting the month learning about integrity and playing a fun game all about being honest.

We will also be starting probability in math.
You can follow along with my daily lessons and activities by checking out these 2 resources below.

These are some fun June activities (made for Google Slides) that I will be using whole-group and small group coming up.  I also like assigning these to the class on Google Classroom.
Such a time saver!

Click the picture below to download my plans for this upcoming week!