“I’m Still Not Entirely Convinced They Weren’t Aliens”: 61 Times People Visited Other People’s Homes And Were Shocked By Their Lifestyles

Visiting someone’s home can tell you a lot about them. Maybe they have beautiful art on the walls from dozens of countries they've visited. Perhaps you learn how much they love animals after meeting their four dogs. Or maybe you find out that your friend’s childhood dream was to become a professional chef after they prepare you an extravagant home-cooked meal. Among the infinite list of things someone’s home environment can tell you about them, strange living habits are included as well.

Last week, Reddit user SaltyOpinionNo1Asks4 reached out to the Ask Reddit community asking for the most shocking and surprising things other users have learned after visiting someone’s home for the first time. The responses were flooded with comments about quirks, gross habits and upsetting family dynamics, so we’ve gathered some of the most interesting replies for you to read below. Be sure to upvote the answers you find most compelling, and let us know if you’ve ever learned anything shocking after visiting a friend or family member’s home. Then if you’re interested in another Bored Panda piece featuring guests in people’s homes, be sure to check out this list next.


My friend was like, "Want a Kit-Kat?" I said sure. He proceeded to unwrap the candy bar, set it on a plate, and then put it in the microwave until the chocolate had melted off the wafers. I was freaked out and said I don't need mine microwaved. He looked shocked and said, "You eat them raw?!"

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It’s no secret that every family lives a little bit differently. Whether it’s their eating habits, their nightly routines, how much time they spend with their children or how many pets they have that makes them stand out, no two families are exactly alike. There are plenty of factors that can create differences in lifestyle habits, like cultural customs. If you walk into a home in Sweden wearing your outdoor shoes, your host might have a heart attack on the spot. But if you did the same thing in the United States, your host might not even notice. It just depends on the household. 

The responses on this list range from shockingly gross living habits to concerningly dysfunctional behavior. You never know what you’re going to be confronted with when you visit a friend, family member, or date’s home. It’s best to stay open-minded and avoid judging them for anything you find peculiar. But that doesn’t mean we can't secretly analyze what their homes say about them and share that information on the internet...


I delivered a big screen TV and brought it into their finished basement. The room was obviously set up for professional pornography with lighting and video cameras all facing a bed with a backdrop.

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He only had a dirty old matress on the floor for him and his older brother ( I once drove him home and his brother was banging a girl in there, super awkward ), his single mother was chain smoking cigarettes, the smell was awful and their meals were those 3$ microwave meals where you get like 3 frozen nuggets and a dozen fries, for every meal. I suddenly understood why he was always at a friend's house and why when he came over he'd eat all my bagels. It bothered my mother at first but after I told her about his home she was like yeah give him all the bagels he wants. Never heard a word about his father. He's doing much better by himself now.

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According to some psychologists, our homes really can say a lot about us. From what books line our shelves to what photos hang on the walls, our living spaces can be a direct reflection of our personalities. According to psychologist Sam Gosling, author of the book Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, “People tend to be happier and more productive when they are able to convince others to see them as they see themselves.” He notes having a snowboard or a musical instrument on display in someone's living room to show guests what's important to them. Gosling is an expert in analyzing people’s spaces and assessing their personalities, but apparently the less things people have, the harder his job is.

Purging personal belongings has been a trend in recent years with the rise of minimalism and Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. While these ideas can be taken to extremes, the intention to reduce clutter isn’t a bad idea. According to University of Arizona professor Catherine Roster, physical clutter “has a direct negative relationship to one’s sense of well-being, safety, and self-identity in one’s own space”. Now, everyone may have their own definition of what qualifies as clutter, but in general, it’s not healthy to have too much of it. Your living space should allow you to feel cozy and like it's your own, but it certainly shouldn't induce stress.


First time meeting my exs parents. Walked in and nothing was on the walls. No art no pictures nothing whole houe just bare walls and not like nice panels or anything, like regular middle class home painted walls they also had 0 stuff out. Nothing on the counter, had a coffee table nothing on it corner table nothing on it. It was all just empty, im still not entirely convinced they werent all aliens trying to fit in.

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Fully clothed, positioned and posed mannequins all throughout their entire home. Posed to watch television, sat at dinning table, holding wine glasses ect...very strange.

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Grew up in a less sh***y part of a sh***y town. I’m talking more poor then lower class, us being the one of few middle class. I went to a friends house in the real slums for a sleep over only to find that their toilet was broken and they just shat in a bucket in the back of their house.

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Your home might be giving away facets of your personality without you even realizing. Best Life published a list of Things Your Home Can Reveal About Your Personality, and some of them might provide great insight into your partner’s or your friends’ minds. Apparently, having a messy sock drawer is actually a trademark of detail-oriented individuals. Dr. Helen Fisher says, “I have found that the Builder type—who are typically orderly, conventional, respectful of the rules, and detail-oriented—have the messiest sock drawers.” The proposed reasoning for this phenomenon is that these are people who are so concerned with organizing every other part of their lives that keeping something like a sock drawer neat is just not as significant. As a person who perfectly fits Dr. Fisher's description, I can confirm this theory. I never thought too much about why I don’t mind my sock drawer being messy when everything else in my life has to be perfectly organized, but her hypothesis checks out.


Went to someone’s house who I thought was only mildly well off. Turns out they were giga-rich and just lived, dressed, and acted more modestly. They had a 4 bedroom house that looked like upper-middle class on the outside, but like a billionaire’s wet dream on the inside. You would have never guessed their family was so wealthy.

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He accidentally broke a plate when he was doing dishes & his dad *didn’t* scream at him or hit him or threaten to ground him or anything. The first thing his dad said was to ask my friend if he was hurt. Shouldn’t be shocking, but to me it was.

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As a young boy back in the 70s I visited a friend from school's house.

It smelled different from any house I had ever been in. which was mostly my parents friends homes and my relative's homes.

I visited several times before I figured out why it smelled different.

No one in the home smoked cigarettes.

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Keeping a beautiful garden is also apparently a sign that someone is happy. According to a study from Gardener’s World, 80% of people with gardens are happy, and 90% of them said that gardening even boosts their moods. Planting some flowers and veggies might not solve all of your problems, but it is a great opportunity to get some sunshine, connect with the earth and maybe even make your days a bit more joyful.

Another part of your home that might give some insight into your psychology is your bed. If you have a neat bed that’s made every morning, you’re more likely to regularly go to the gym. A nicely made bed is also a giveaway that someone enjoys their job. Perhaps this is because people that are satisfied with their lives keep their living spaces more organized, or maybe making your bed feels easier when you’re not dreading getting out of it each morning to go to work.


Went over to friends for a birthday. Was warned they were ordering takeout because they don't cook. Got there and they had no dishes or pots or pans. No glasses. No coffee cups. Literally none. The kitchen cabinets were full of random things like a Pictionary game and some batteries and spare light bulbs. Disposable plates. A drawer full of plastic spoons and forks.

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Had a grad school professor, seemed like a pretty chill dude. Maybe a bit of a cleaned up older hippy. Went to his place for dinner with him/his wife/other students and faculty.

Had two fully kitted out sex swings installed in the living room. Cool, cool, cool.

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My school friend lived on a farm in Wales. The first time I went round a sheep ran down the stairs as we were going in through the front door. There was also a newborn baby lamb warming in the Aga because it was struggling to stay alive.

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Do you keep your closet neat and tidy or is it a land of chaos? Apparently if it’s a bit of a mess, you might be clinging too tightly to the past. According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, “Nostalgia can make clearing out a space nearly impossible.” She recommends doing a “speed elimination”, where you set a timer and gather anything you no longer use or need for twenty minutes, if you're looking to clear up some space. As great as it is to reminisce, it’s also wonderful to be able to see your closet floor and not live in fear that something stuffed on the top shelf will come tumbling down every time you reach for a pair of shoes.


When I was about 15/16 I was staying at a friend's house for the first time, and while he and I were in his room playing computer games, I heard his mother scream his name.

He turned to me with a serious look I'd never seen on his face and said "Please stay here" before walking out of the bedroom.

I heard him shout his father's name before a couple of loud crashes.

That was the day I found out his father would get drunk a physically assault his younger siblings. He was 15/16 f*****g years old and was the only thing between this grown man and his pre-pubescent loved ones. And it was so normal that he knew what was up when his mother called his name. His mother knew she needed him, he knew what he was going out there to do, and he knew he didn't want me to witness it.

We had some very honest discussions about a lot of things after that. As he got a little older, he started addressing these issues at more appropriate times than when it was forced upon him. His father sought help and they are now a loving and supportive family.

I often think about that night (and a few subsequent ones). When I think about the man I want to be, it is no secret amongst the people that know, that I want to grow up to be like that 15 year old boy. And I'm lucky to still call him one of my best friends over 20 years later.

**tl;dr** I found out my childhood friend was living with an abusive father.

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I met this girl at work and really clicked. We had kids around the same age so she invited us over for a play date. First off - her house was hoarder level disgusting and absolutely filthy. I didn’t want to even stay inside so suggested we go out in the backyard which was overgrown and a mosquito haven. Second - she didn’t just talk to her kids, she was always screaming. It was hard to differentiate if she was angry or just giving instructions. The kids just tuned her out but mine were terrified. Never, ever again.

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I didn’t know that central heating and AC was a thing till I was around 10. Sleepover a friends house and was perplexed at the noise of it and the vents on the ceiling. And being there felt weird, everywhere you went was the same temperature. At home we had a wood stove in main living area and in summer fans.

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If you consider yourself to be the life of the party, a brightly colored door and an overflowing fridge might be dead giveaways. Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, says that, “Someone who paints their front door a vibrant pink or yellow is making a statement that life should be fun.” Some people don’t adhere to the typical color palettes of homes because it’s just more exciting to mix it up! These individuals might also have a fully stocked fridge if they’re entertaining often. Extroverts who are always looking to throw a party or invite over friends are likely to have plenty of food on hand to share. They might also be “imaginative shoppers”, who buy whatever looks interesting and exciting when grocery shopping, but those items will always come in handy for a spontaneous gathering. 


I remember as a young kid (4/5yo) going to a friend’s house and being astounded at how big their house was. Her dad was a high court judge (and they also had a swimming pool! In England!!)

I came home and immediately told my mum that her ‘conservatory was big enough to ride a bike in!’

‘Big enough to ride a bike in’ has now become a family expression.

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Few years back, was invited to my ex’s house to meet her family for the first time. Walked in and got hugs from her mum, sister, and nephew. Got a handshake and a pat on the shoulder from her dad.

All of this completely threw me off, suddenly realised how little affection I got back at my own house and had me questioning whether I was doing enough to show I cared about someone.

However you guys show affection, whether it’s through compliments, physically, letters or cheesy gestures, let people know they’re loved. (P.S. Please don’t be creepy though!)

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I was spending the night and her dad came in and told us a bedtime story. It was the first time I'd realized that not everyone had a psychopath for a father and sometimes fathers did things for their kids just because they loved them.

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It’s not just the physical aspects of our homes that tell a lot about us. As many examples on this list show, how we treat others, family members and guests, in our homes can be very insightful as well. Not everyone will go so far as telling visitors to “make themselves at home”, but it is nice to ensure everyone is comfortable. For example, one of the respondents on Reddit mentioned going to a friend’s house where the entire family communicated by yelling. This made them feel stressed as a person from a soft-spoken family, but in that case, they were just yelling to be heard, rather than out of anger. When it comes to yelling at children to scare them, that's never actual communication, says Dr. Laura Markham. Young children may respond by crying, while older kids might just give a glazed-over look, but both will shut down and stop listening. And it never primes them for developing healthy communication skills in their futures.   


We were in middle school, so we're maybe like 12 years old? Me and another friend are visiting one other friend's house. Their dad invites us in and immediately asks us "Hey, do you all wanna come over and watch some porn?". Me and my friend look at each other and go "WTF?" and politely decline. I still think about how friggin strange that was because the kid didn't seem bothered at all.

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When my wife and I were first dating and getting serious, I would start going to her family functions. The first time I went to her cousins house was...weird. They had their entire VHS porn collection sitting out in open view next to the TV. My wife said to ignore it and that it's been sitting there since she was a kid. Which made it even weirder because her cousin had kids that were around our age.

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Was invited to a friends house in high school and that's when I learned that his parents weren't just well off like mine were, they were f*****g loaded. His house was not a house, it was a compound. They had the main house, a pool house (where he lived), a casita (where his older sister lived), and a club house.

They had an 8 car garage AND a yacht garage, with their goddamn yacht in it at the time. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough they had water way that ran in front of their house which meant they had a bridge over which was an honest to f**k draw bridge.

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When yelling out of anger is normalized, children grow up thinking that’s the only way to communicate frustration. It can become a never-ending cycle, as kids become desensitized to their parents’ scolding then treat their future children the same way because they never saw examples of healthy communication. Dr. Markham notes that there are always alternatives to shouting that are more effective at getting through to children and avoid causing psychological stress. One response that can get a child’s attention without upsetting them further is using humor. “If the parent responds with a sense of humor, you still maintain your authority and keep them connected to you,” Dr. Markham says. Besides, as a parent, you won’t feel guilty later for making your kid laugh. The same can’t always be said about screaming.


My best friend in high school was living with hoarder parents who would leave the Christmas tree up all year round and only replaced it the week before Christmas. They even left last year's presents on the fireplace almost all year. It was better than my home so I just kind of adapted.

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Opposing experiences.

I went to a friends house and found out his parents were hoarders. Like REALLY bad. The house was decorated normally aside from the MASSIVE piles of junk touching the ceiling. There was a little path to each room between the piles but other than that it was just junk EVERYWHERE.

Another time I got invited to a buddy’s house for an airsoft party. I had been to an airsoft party at someone’s house before and assumed we would just be playing in the street again. Pulled up to a three-story mansion with a full field for us to play in. He had an elevator in his house and a guest house about the size of ours. The field was for his sister who rode horses but she let us use it for the party. The dude was always humble and cool with me and never let on that his family was wealthy.


In middle school, my friend picked up a pole axe and slammed it through his bedroom ceiling a few times. His dad does not care because my friend can patch his own drywall. His dad was drunk all the time and just let his kids do whatever they wanted as long as they were not too loud.

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Some stories on this list mention realizing the struggles a friend was facing after seeing their home life. Whether a friend was living with an abusive or neglectful parent, living below the poverty line or had come from a country with much less resources available, these experiences were certainly eye-opening for those who shared them. One positive about these situations is that once these people were aware of a friend in need, they could actually do something about it. When you don’t know that your neighbor's parents never buy enough groceries for their family, you might not think to send your friend home with a box of leftover pizza. But being invited into someone’s home gives you insight into what they’re dealing with and allows you to be a better friend when needed. 


It was normal. That's what shocked me. I grew up in a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 brothers, who I shared a room with. Only my dad worked a paying job. We had a depressed pitbull, and only ate Plain Cheerios, sometimes Honey Nut, for breakfast. We also had to ask before we got milk or a snack, and usually had to eat it or drink at the table. We didn't have a back yard, instead if we wanted to play outside, we'd go to an asphalt parking lot downstairs. It definitely wasn't the worst living conditions, we had a roof over our head and food, but it wasn't all that pleasant either.

When I went to my friends house for the first time, it was an actual house that they owned, with 3 bedrooms. He had a trained golden retriever, and two cats. He had his own room which was the biggest shock to me, especially since he could put up movie posters and whatever he wanted in them. We ate snacks and drank milk in his room without asking. His gaming console was also in there, unlike mine which was in my living room. He had an older sister, and two parents, all of them working jobs. He had a giant backyard. Best of all we had crepes for breakfast.

I would've visited everyday if I could. When I went back home I realized how cramped it was where I lived, and how sad my dog was. We eventually sent my dog to live with her sister, where she'd have a front and backyard to run. She's a lot happier now. A few years later, we moved to a bigger condo, and got a smaller dog (still a pit). So we're doing better.

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In-laws didn't throw things away. Not necessarily hoarders, but not far off. Just kept so much *s**t* in piles around the house. Honestly don't know how people live like that. It makes me physiologically uncomfortable.

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The first time I stepped into the house, it was like stepping into a black room. I could see patches of colour on the walls but the house walls were basically charred coloured. Didn't think too much of it at the time but at one point I was bored and alone and took a closer look at the charred walls and discovered that it wasn't burnt,

It was MOLD. Dude was living in a Mold infested house. When I went home, I took the longest shower I ever took and washed my clothes there and then. Felt like I've just walked into a radioactive area.

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While we all like to portray the best versions of ourselves out in the real world, there's nothing more intimate than seeing how we really act in the comfort of our own homes. Inviting friends over is a great way to develop closer bonds, but seeing something shocking in those situations can really stand out in our memories. Enjoy reading the rest of this list, and don't forget to upvote the stories you find most surprising. Then let us know in the comments if you've ever witnessed or experienced anything particularly startling at a friend's home; we'd love to hear your personal stories.


When I was a kid in the mid-1970s my parents rented a house in Stockbridge for the summer.

So I became friendly with some kids up the road, who invited me to dinner. So I went over and there were maybe 5 kids, the two parents and me. So the parents put out the food, then everyone dropped their heads, held hands and started saying thanks or whatever you call a pre-meal prayer.

That sort of caught me off surprise. As a kid from a completely non-religious family from NYC it was something I had never seen before, other than on the Waltons or Little Hoyse on the Prarie.

There was also the time I was dating a girl in HS (1980s). I went by her house, and her mom answered the door in a teddy. She looked good but I was caught off-guard. Turns out they were swingers and were headed to some party.

Honestly the latter seemed less odd to me than the former.


I grew up in a very well off family and usually hung out with other neighborhood kids that were also from quite well off families so I was pretty naive on how middle-lower class families live. I befriended another kid from "the other side of the tracks" at summer camp thing. I went to sleep over at his house one night, I remember being surprised that his mother had a job/had to go to work in the morning and that he shared a bedroom with his brother and sister.
I remember him asking his mom if we could get Ice cream, her answer was "Sorry hun we can't afford it"
His mom saying those words shocked the hell out of my spoiled a*s 10 year old brain, I remember feeling panicked.


Went to a friends house when I was in the 7th grade, heard their dad coming in through the door and went to run and hide in my friends bedroom. She followed me puzzled and said come on out and say hi to my dad, he's excited to finally get to meet you. I was astonished to see all the kids gathered around their dad, they had 7 kids, and they were all happy to see each other. He was scooping up the little ones as they each told them one thing from their day, the eldest brother asked him for help with his math homework....to which he said yes, just give me a few minutes. Then came up to me to say hi and learn some tidbits about me, genuinely interested.

I have never seen a dad walk into a room and the kids run towards him instead of away. He didn't drink a drop of alcohol, and had at least one little one in his lap while he helped the eldest with his math until he felt sure his son understood what he was doing.

I went home and told my brothers that they were a weird family and the dad was a goody goody. I was 12 years old and had no idea that's what a healthy family dynamic looked like. There was no yelling, no screaming, no shaming. And I thought they were weird.

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Probably mild compared to some of the responses here but I'm from the Northern United States. I'm living in the South now. What was a shock to me was how people will walk into each other's homes and automatically open up the refrigerator. We don't do that up there.

We don't do that unless your family that is, I mean blood family. I thought it was really odd because when I first saw it, it struck me as rude. Ironically, people down here thought I was strange for not doing it.

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When I was about 9 or 10 I went to stay the night with a friend from school. I feel like my dad knew his mom in some round about way but he lived with his mom and stepdad in a reasonably well kept double wide trailer. This was in the late 90s but even for then it seemed like they had no boundaries for the kid and by proxy I had almost none as well for my time there. I primarily went over to play video games (PS1 I think) and we mostly played Resident Evil 2 for hours on end. Relatively scary content, blood/gore for me at that time. Junk food was readily accessible and while I had that at my house as well there were rules around what I could have an when I could have it at my own house. They also rented one of the rooms in the trailer to a kid about 20 who I only saw come home after his hockey game and not really again. After gorging on junk food and violent video games we crashed in the living room and woke up the next day with his step dad offering to let us shoot his revolver from the deck of the trailer. I had never shot a gun before and it was a bit loud and scary for me.

For what it's worth, the kid (my friend) has been in and out of jail for the last 10 years.

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They were very open about their bdsm lifestyle. Which is a thing in itself. But different when you go over for dinner and there’s a sex slave in a cage and sex toys every where.

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I remember when I was a kid, like 3rd grade, new kid at school and I hit it off and become friends. I went to his house and he had ALL the sugary and processed snacks. Capri sun, pop tarts, freezer pizza, chef Boyardee, dunkaroos, you name it - All those name brand things more or less marketed to kids. I grew up in a very rural area, and my Mom was adamant about us having fresh fruit and veggies, she was a frequent shopper of local produce markets. We never DIDN’T have treats (most common was ice cream and potato chips), but seeing someone else’s house be filled with, what I see now as, basically commercials kind of shocked me.

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For a project in middle school we had to make a video about something, can’t remember been years now, and my friend at the time, said we can do in downtown in our town. It was a group project too, so my mom dropped off me and another friend downtown to meet the rest of the group. We filmed a bit but then we needed something so we had to friend’s house, I’m gonna call her J, since her house was the closest but she didn’t want us to go to her house and ask if my mom could pick us up to go to my house instead.

My house was the biggest and I did have lots of things but my parents couldn’t pick us up as they were busy and the walk to my house was too far away. Not to mention it was hot as f**k, plus we weren’t even done filming so we had to go back to downtown. So we had to go to J’s house but J was always persistent I never go to her house, she always came to my house. I was curious so when we arrived there, J only wanted me to come inside to get what we needed. When I entered the house I was hit by old laundry detergent smell and cats, then I saw the piles and piles of things around the house. Things were literary stacked on top of each other. There’s so much stuff in the house and there was barely any room to walk around and it was dark as hell. I met her mom who was on the computer with stuff around her, and saw how dirty and obese she was. There was like 7 cats laying around and J quickly got what we needed and left.

She made me to swore to not tell the others what I saw and I felt bad since it explains some of her issues (the other reason is her mom was controlling, highly strict, yet neglectful never letting her do anything or go out) and why her clothes smelled weird and had tons of cat hair on them. J always looked disheveled when she came to school every day and why she never told about her home life. It was the first time I ever saw a hoarders house.

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My parents were friends with this couple from church , we'll call them Bill and Martha . They were homeschoolers like us so my mom decided that on some days Martha would tutor my older sister and me alongside her kids.

Well Bill had some ... weird rules about tv and books. Martha and the kids were not allowed to watch any tv channels besides PBS ( the public broadcasting network ). They weren't allowed to read any books besides the bible and a few bible themed children's stories. And the three of them had to be in bed by 7pm. Also they couldn't have any bread that wasn't white bread. Bill however could eat, read and watch whatever the f**k he wanted.

Now our mom's rules were f****d up too, but Bill's tv rule really threw me for a loop. That family also wore shoes in their house. Having mostly grown up around Cambodians and Koreans, I really wasn't expecting that and sis and I nearly hurled.


Salt and pepper shakers. Like everywhere. Like rooms full of stacked boxes inn every room. All walls lined with shelves full of displays. Her mom had a severe obsession with them.


Not all families eat dinner together. As a kid i would eat dinner with my family we would all gather around a table and eat, we did the have tv on in the background so mom and dad could listen to the news. Other than that we would eat and talk. First time I went to my friends house I sat at their dining table and my friend said “what are you doing? Let’s go back up to my room and eat” I looked at his mom for what felt like a minute before she said yes go ahead. It was strange and to this day I find it strange some families don’t eat together.


I spent a weekend with a friend who was the youngest of 8 boys. I come from a very soft spoken household, and all 10 of these people would communicate by yelling. Now they were a loving household and there was no abuse going on, but until that point in my life, really the only time someone yelled in my presence was when someone was in danger, or someone was very very angry, and here these guys were screaming at each other to get a slice of pizza. I understand, when there's 10 of you, 9 of you boys, you have to yell to get heard, but my internal danger meter was set to 11 all weekend.


When I was a little kid we had new neighbors move in, they were Korean. They didn't speak any English at first and the twin daughters were in my brother's class. By the end of the school year their English was decent enough to communicate and actually play with the rest of us.

They invited me over to hang out and their Mom was making some snacks. She handed me a bowl of rice with some type of sweet potato, and one of the twins told me that back in Korea, that's all they had to eat in a day, and now they could have that for a snack.

I was too little then to realize it, but they were *North* Korean. Their growth was severely stunted, and they had moved in with essentially strangers after they made it to the US. I learned all this years later when I talked to my Mom about it, apparently the people who took them in were part of a Korean church and semi regularly took in North Korean refugees.

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NOT at a friend's house, but I once took a couple guys I didn't know all that well to get lunch because this one guy's car wasn't running so he couldn't drive, and on the way back he wanted to stop by a friend's house to pick up something.

We all ended up going inside and it turns out this friend (an immigrant from Poland, I think) had an altar to Hitler in his living room. Like, an actual altar, with a photo of Hitler and Nazi flags and Nazi effects and fresh flowers and whatever. It was the craziest thing I had seen till then.

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I remember I went to visit a Somali family who had basically furnished their home like a typical Somali house? They had a house with 2 bedrooms but all rooms incl the living area where matresses on the floor, all around the walls with like ethnic plaids, nice carpets everywhere, no tables or beds to be seen. It didn't look cheap (so money didn't seem to be an issue).
I asked my friend where they slept?? She explained they just choose a spot, take a blanket out of the build in cabinets and sleep there.
So nobody had a bedroom, they just slept wherever they liked.
And to eat they would take a plaid (again from the build in cabinets they had in every room) and just spread it on the floor and eat there.
Their clothes? Also all in the build in cabinets.

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Probably get burried but here it goes.

I use to work inspecting shoreline stabilization construction projects on lakes. I had this one project at a multi million dollar new construction home. (The owner built a new mansion after tearing down the existing million dollar mansion.).

Anyways, the project is nearing completion and I had to go sign off on the stabilization project. As I'm there, the General Contractor asks if I had seen the interior of the house. I said no and he said well you gotta see this cause it's nuts.

The home was three stories with a indoor/outdoor pool on the bottom floor. The middle floor had the living areas, two bed rooms, and a huge bathroom. There was a also a glass viewing area to the indoor pool below.

The third floor wasvery open and had nothing on it but a walkway. The walk way led to the the two middle floor bedrooms and bathrooms. Over the bedrooms and bathrooms were large viewing platforms onto the beds below and bathtubs in the bathroom.

The home was a purposely built sex house. The owners wife showed up to sign the documents and invited us to the move in party saying that they were flying in strippers from Vegas.


I went to a friend of a friend's house after a few at the pubone night. Walked in the house and it was bare. No walls, no real flooring, the kitchen was a random sink and there was two chairs to sit on. There was also a stereo and funky lighting to go with the literal bones of the house.

After some time I really needed to pee but I had been trying my best not to have to use the bathroom. I mean, who knew if there was even walls?

Finally went and omg, it was like walking into a presidential bathroom suit. The tiles, the lighting, the bidet, stained glass window - it was the best bathroom I have ever seen

Asked my friend a few days later what's up and she said that that the were doing really well in life, bought the best house on the best street, started renovations then got bored. Decided to use thier money on holidays and other fun things


This is really minor but when I went to a friend's house, as soon as I walked in I took off my shoes and left them by the door. But my friend didn't. I was so confused! It turns a ton of people wear their shoes inside, in their homes. Its still weird for me to this day.


I went over to my friend’s house for the first time and was surprised to find out that her parents would argue in front of everyone, including me. They had no self control when it came to that. In one instance I was actually involved in one of the arguments and had to calm her step-mother down. It was really weird for me to see that since my whole childhood whenever anyone came to my house my parent would act normal and never argue in front of guests. I just found it really strange since I am not an adult, and still a teenager, and my friend is too. I shouldn’t be included in arguments about you cheating on each other ?


I was dating a man and when we went back to his place everything just looked off. It was really nice and stylish but didn’t look like “him” or his style if you know what I mean. I didn’t say anything the first night, but after a few visits it finally bugged me enough that I had to ask. I thought maybe it was his ex wife’s stuff but nope, when he bought his place he bought all the previous owner’s furniture and decor along with it. He did not choose a single thing in the entire place.


no soap in the bathroom. You’re telling me that you poop, wipe your butt, don’t wash your hands, and then cook or eat food. Never hung out with that person again


This isnt really shocking but I was surprised as a kid. One time I went to a friends house where most of the house was sparkling, it smelled wonderfull and it was extremly neat and clean, not a single piece of dust or dirt. However when I walked into their bedroom I was surprised at just how messy it was, it wasnt only messy clothes and items on the floor, there was dust everywhere and plenty of dirt build up. And it was the exact same for all of the other siblings rooms. I guess that I just found it weird the entire house was spotless exept for the bedrooms.


I went to a rich person's house and everything needed to be spotless and clean and there was even plastic wrapping on the couch??? Like wtf you don't like sitting?


Went to my friend's house when I was like 9 was playing hide and seek, went into a forbidden parents room cause it's only cheating if you get caught.

The wall had pistols rifles swords and other cool as f**k s**t I stood in awe and then left without ever mentioning it to my parents, eventually they showed me it themselves but my god was that a core memory for me.

Also for context I live in the UK so this is mad rare for us.


I was invited to a friend's home, the entire house was rotting, molding and basically falling apart, but when I entered his room everything was fancy, high tech and expensive.
This family was treating thier child like a God but literally letting thier house rott apart.
I still don't get it


Not me, but my gf at the time, we were around a month into officially dating.

I took her to my grandmother's birthday and introduced her to my family, mind you we were around 30 people and not everyone showed up, grandma was turning 80 and was healthy as a horse.

On the way back (left early since she had a curfew and it was a 40 min drive) she started crying, and not just weeping but full on bawling her eyes out. When she calmed down she told me she never knew that so many people could gather for a festivity and actually got along in a lovingly and respectful way, her family is very broken, her mom and grandmother were/are pathological liars, which made her family the "black sheeps" within ber family, and the rest of them are just a**holes (few exceptions tough), so every festivity for them was composed of discussion turned fights, people who are not on speaking terms with eachother, enduring back handed comments, etc.

I am lucky to have a big family who cares about eachother and are always eager to help out, and now she has that also.


All the lights of the house were red, because some astrologer told them it was good for them.


i always noticed going over to my old friends house how much unity you kind of felt walking in. like it was a genuine home,i grew up with a really abusive/neglectful mom and everything was so different it felt uncomfortable in a way.

they had really nice stuff,he had both parents,pool,dirtbikes,food/snacks/drinks,nice car,decorations and pictures,smelled nice,etc etc and i remember the most awkward thing i felt was just sitting at the table and eating with them cause it was really foreign to me and i almost felt interrogated but realized everything was fine sooner or later. same with breakfast,i got a really bad stomach ache the next day from eating so early cause i hadn’t eaten breakfast on that schedule in YEARS (and still dont eat it), it felt weird but nice. his mom didn’t like me though lmao


The first girl I dated while in college had her own house (which I thought was super awesome considering she was only 2 years older than me). It was absolutely filthy. Not just garbage everywhere but just random stuff laying around and zero organization. She was definitely a hoarder. We broke up after about a month but a few years later hooked up again and her house was waaay better. I'm glad it wasn't a permanent thing for her.


It's pretty tame in comparison to the rest of these stories, but it took me like three visits to my friend's house before I realized they didn't have any mirrors. Still not sure if it's a deliberate choice or what the deal is, but it's kinda weird to me.


One of our wealthiest friends (also one of the sharper dressers) lives in a house with no furniture. He has a few camping chairs around his kitchen counter and his bedroom is a mattress in the ground with different piles of clothes around.

He irons every outfit before he puts it on.


A sex dungeon in the basement of my neighbours. They are goody two shoes who are very religious. To look at them you’d think they are prudes, but from what I saw they are the complete opposite. I stumbled upon their sex dungeon when both bathrooms they had were in use and I really had to go. The wife said I could use their washroom they had downstairs. As I was walking in their basement I thought I saw a sex swing out of the corner of my eye, so I stopped and saw that this, with a lot of locks on the door, was open. So naturally my curiosity forced me to snoop and wow… all I can say is they aren’t prudes after all.


Went to a third world country to visit my best friends family. It was not as expected..

I had known my friend for over 12 years. They often spoke about the difficulty of their origin story - growing up in a developing country, the disadvantages they experienced, poverty, etc. It was a cornerstone of their identity and I never had any reason to question it. In our late twenties we planned a backpacking trip though Central America, and decided at the last moment to make a stop over in their home country, El Salvador.

The first memory that stands out was seeing a very large building - 15 floors or more - with their families surname on it. I was like “woah that’s cool. You share a name with some massive company or something?” .. hours later we crossed a bridge that also had the family name.. then entered a gated community with the family name .. and that’s when I found myself in a massive compound with multiple family homes, vehicle, staff and security.

It was an incredible realization that not only did my friend *not* come from poverty, but in fact grew up in elite privilege in an otherwise poverty-stricken country. I couldn’t really place how uneasy my friend has seemed over this entire trip until I saw it all layer out in front of me. Boy oh boy did we have a lot to talk about on that trip..


So I never had the fraternity experience during college. I stayed at home with my parents while studying for my degree. One day I get invited to visit some friends up north at another university. They lived in a frat house and said it was cool to crash at their pad. So I thought “hell yeah this gonna be fun”.

Upon arriving, I was greeted with the most disgusting frat house you have ever seen. There was trash EVERYWHERE. So much so to the point that you couldn’t even see the floor. It was like a sea of trash. The kitchen had massive stacks of dirty plates and dishes on the counter and in the sink.

And for the cherry on top? It was INFESTED with rats. I tried sleeping at like 1am and you could just hear rats darting across the floor in the living room and rummaging through the cabinets in the kitchen.

I was like “nope, I’m out”. Grabbed my sh*t and just dipped out. I got lucky because I knew another good friend of mine who lived about 15 minutes away. Hit him up and explained my situation and he was like “dude, get out of that HELL HOLE and come stay with me. We’ll smoke some weed and you can crash on my couch”. I took an Uber over to his place and the sense of relief when I got to his pad was unreal haha. I’m eternally grateful to that mfer