I Create Comics Inspired By My Own Everyday Life (62 Pics)

Hey, I’m Nuwbis and I create a webcomic series about my daily life named "NuwComics". I love animation, video games, movies, anime/manga and traveling so that’s just some of the themes you can get from NuwComics.

I always loved to draw and create. That love came from my need to express myself through art. Some of my young inspirations as a kid were comic books, Japanese comics, and animation. I’ve started making comics about my family trips since a really young age. My parents, big sister and I were the characters and all were based on real events that I found funny.

More info: tapas.io

#1 Air Dry Hair

As a teenager, I started my own comic series named “Martha”. The main character was secretly based on my own personality with a tiny touch of extra silliness. I used to get to school and say to my colleagues I had new episodes and shared my stories with everyone who was interested to read. It ended up being something that other kids and my family we’re looking forward to reading, and I was super grateful.

#2 Those Days

#3 Sunglasses

I don't even have to try too hard! The hairstyle always looks pretty original... But it's painful too!

Then I got into high school and college. I think at that time I was really focused on my other dream, animation. So I stopped doing comics as often as before. I only kept on creating personal comics about our trips to other countries and silly episodes that happen. When I started to work, I wasn’t really being able to do animation. That was a hard time. So I started posting "NuwComics" on Tapastic and I finally remembered how much joy I had making comics and sharing with others!

#4 Just One More

I was only going to eat one!

#5 Perfection

OMG, THAT CRUNCH... true perfection! I can't resist a crunchy leaf!

I've been doing good at the moment! These past years had a lot of changes in my personal and professional life, which made me slow a little bit posting my comics, but I keep drawing them every week since it's something that really brings me joy. I love making small stories into comics cause it keeps memories living as fun drawings forever. Since this list was posted, I have so many more comics, it's fun to see how things started at the time and how they are now.

#6 Travel Guide

Don't trust me with directions! I probably don't even know where I am!

#7 Keep Watching?

The same happens to me with a loooot of series, that the last seasons are not that good! We all need closure even if it's not that great at the end.

Currently, I work as a 3D Character Animator freelancer, which was my dream job, so I'm excited to see what the future holds. As for my comic journey, I had to slow down the posting for a bit since it was pretty challenging to balance work/personal life/hobbies for a while. Slowly I'm finding that balance, cause I don't really want stress to affect my joy of creating my short comics.

#8 Weekend Mode

I am Sailor Lazy, champion of justice! On behalf of the Laziness, I will do nothing today!

#9 Favorite Animal As A Kid

Still think dinosaurs are awesome!

Even though I've slowed down posting my comics a little bit, I keep drawing a looot of drafts for new ideas every week and even had so many comics done that are ready to be posted. I also kept on drawing fanart anime guinea pigs that I really enjoy doing. I might have a list for that in the future to share here, since I'm almost done with the new guinea pig anime collection 2.

#10 Shower Hairstyles As A Kid

Infinite hairstyles fun!

#11 Weekend Out

When you're going on a weekend out of town and you have your priorities straight.

My favorite part of creating my comics is the joy it brings me. It's a hobby I have had since I was a kid. I love to come up with silly fun ideas to tell stories and share memories. It's very fulfilling to see old stories I forgot about. I really love to engage with other people that also relate to the stories or maybe have something to share that my comics inspired them to talk about.

The least favorite part is probably indirectly connected, the invisible pressure to keep posting regularly to try to work with the algorithms and impose difficult goals of success on myself. I would say this is something I've learned and grown over the past year and that's why I've felt the need to slow down to find a better balance. One of the most important things for any type of creator is not losing the joy of creating. Drawing is something that I've done from a really young age and I've been drawing comics since I was a small kid, so I don't ever want that joy to go away. Right now I just want to have fun creating and sharing when I feel I want to share. I still dream of one day making something bigger with my comics but if that ever happens, it should be something organic and not a stress source. Maybe I can fulfill that dream one day and for now, I can keep dreaming about it. I also have to say that the people that wrote me to ask how I was doing during my bigger absent time from posting and told me they missed my comics really touched me and motivated me to keep posting. Those messages really mean a lot because most of the time I would say I feel no one would really miss my work.

#12 Nice Catch

Improving my feet catching skills or maybe I'm just being lazy.

#13 Valentine's Day

I enjoyed the day... but our way!

The key message/concept of my comics is sharing stories, memories, or feelings through fun silly illustrations. Making memories live as fun drawings forever. The overall feel of the comics is my own personality and imagination. It's full of what inspires me at the time and I feel it would be fun to make something out of it.

#14 Achievement

I did it! And it never gets old.

#15 Dressing Up Memories

My ultimate favorite costume as a kid was my chicken costume! I'm not sure why, but it was so fun to have flappy wings to run around the playground as a kid.

#16 Christmas Wrapping God

Inspired by Eminem - "Rap God".

#17 Slurp

Ups my bad! I just can't waste chocolate milk!

#18 Birthday

Having fun on my birthday!

#19 Watchlist

I have too many things I want to watch!

#20 Not Good Enough

When you have those days that you feel not good enough just use the squeaky hammer to feel your awesomeness again!

#21 Do Or Do Not

Inspired by this quote from Yoda!

#22 Doing Nothing

#23 Glass Half Full?

Dealing with negative people be like. The glass is half full to me. That's good enough!

#24 Windy Day

Enjoying sunny days! Always worth it even with some wind!

#25 Burrito Gone Wrong

Sometimes you just need some positive words to feel better and undo your bad burrito form.

#26 Popcorn

I love popcorn... maybe a bit too much!

#27 Finally On Vacation

No more description needed.

#28 Catching Up

That huge series you are trying to watch for a long time but the 100 seasons intimidate you. Just do the math! So after a LOT of years trying to catch up with One Piece! This year is the year.

#29 Pokemon Go Return

Maybe is not gonna survive too long but why not have fun again for a day or two.

#30 Something New

Soooo.... it's fun to try new stuff but sometimes my comfort rock misses me! It's ok to accept your rock.

#31 Elevator Secrets

Always training my crazy faces! This is why mirrors hate me!

#32 Panda Week

Surviving the workweek it's like holding a hungry and chubby panda! It starts cute and easy but in the end, the weekend starts to feel like a myth.