How to Make a Recycled Egg Carton Easter Basket

It’s super easy to make a homemade egg carton Easter basket in preschool! You definitely need to add this craft to your collection of Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

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Every year, my preschool holds an Easter egg hunt for the students and their families. It’s a tradition that the kiddos and parents enjoy, but I must admit I always get a bit stressed by some aspects of the hunt. To problem solve around my concerns, the students and I made homemade Easter baskets from egg cartons! I’m biased, but I think they turned out lovely!

Egg Carton Easter Baskets

These Easter egg hunt baskets are incredibly simple to put together, making them perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. Depending on the needs of your students, the kids might be able to do the entire thing themselves!

Easter Basket Materials

In addition to being easy, these egg carton baskets don’t require too many materials either! That’s a bonus in my book. Here’s what we used:

Materials to make egg carton easter baskets, including egg cartons, ribbons, and paint

If you want to get really fancy, you can incorporate even more craft supplies. It really depends on how much your students want to decorate their baskets. Here are a few other possibilities to consider:

  • Pompoms
  • Mini chicks
  • Stickers
  • Buttons

Once you have all of your materials gathered, take a few minutes to cut off the top of the egg cartons. I just used a regular pair of scissors to do so. Then it’s time to grab the kids and get started!

Egg Carton Easter Basket Directions

First, talk with your students about what they’ll be making. If you have a school egg hunt, let the children know the baskets can be used for that. Otherwise, explain they can use them in your dramatic play center or at home.

Let the children choose their preferred paint colors and paint away. I had a variety of colors and was happy to let the kids mix and match as they saw fit. A few children even requested colors that weren’t out, so I grabbed those upon request.

Some children will spend a lot of time and effort painting their egg cartons. Others will be more minimalistic with their approaches. Either way is perfectly fine!

Colorfully painted egg carton easter baskets

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Let the cartons dry once the children are done painting. While they’re drying, have the children choose which ribbons they’d like as the Easter basket handle.

Then use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the egg carton. I glued the ribbons to the bottoms and sides of the egg cartons.

preschool holding a homemade easter basket made from an egg carton

Why we Made Homemade Easter Baskets

To be perfectly transparent with you, Easter egg hunts make me a little anxious. Every family donates 12 filled Easter eggs for our hunt, but in the past not every child took home 12 eggs.

Yes, I know a lot of people may be rolling their eyes at me but it’s a concern of mine! For one thing, I’ve had parents get upset with me about this. More importantly, the kiddos get a bit upset when they can only find 3 eggs when a pal finds 20. During giant egg hunts with hundreds and hundreds of eggs, this isn’t that big a deal. For our little preschool class, it sure can be!

So, that little bit of concern led to trying something new with the egg carton Easter baskets. The cartons have 12 spaces, which allowed the children to practice one-to-one correspondence as they counted and added their eggs to the baskets.

How Did the Egg Carton Easter Basket Hold Up in an Egg Hunt?

Overall, I think the baskets were great! The kids and I had fun chatting and painting together, and each child was proud of their egg carton Easter basket.

Most children went home with a dozen eggs after our egg hunt, although there were a couple with not enough. I think that’s because I didn’t explain the baskets to all of the parents ahead of time, so a couple of kids probably went home with extra eggs.

Preschooler holding a recycled easter basket made from egg carton, with plastic eggs inside

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The only real problem we had was containing some of those super enormous Easter eggs! Our homemade Easter baskets were perfect for regular-sized eggs, though. The children also loved using their baskets to pretend egg hunt during centers, too.

I’ve received a few comments questioning the placement of the ribbon handle. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t run into any problems with baskets tipping and spilling everywhere. For younger children, I’d suggest running the handles length-wise instead of how did it.

Have your students ever made their own Easter baskets? Let me know about your favorites in the comments!

Preschool Easter Resources

Below you’ll find two ready-to-go lesson plan sets, as well as a roll and count math pack. All three would be great to use around Easter!

The lesson plan packs come with completed, printable lesson plans full of hands-on learning activities for preschool children. They also have book suggestions, whole group activities, small group activities, center ideas, and coordinating printables to use with the kids.

The Easter roll and count math pack has 16 differentiated game mats and 9 print-and-assemble math cubes. These games are great for preschool through early elementary.

Click on the photos below to get your own (or for more information):

Easter lesson plans
Easter Lesson Plans
preschool eggs and oviparous animals lesson plans cover
Eggs and Oviparous Animals Lesson Plans
Easter math games cover
Easter Roll and Cover Math Games

More Homemade Easter Baskets

Our egg carton Easter baskets aren’t the only DIY Easter basket crafts out there! If you’re looking for even more ideas, I have you covered! Click on the links below to read about even more homemade Easter baskets you can make with your students:

Be sure to check out my Easter preschool activities Pinterest board for even more Easter-y fun!

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