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What's in a minute? So, do you want to make a change in your life and join those super-productive people? Listen to this episode!Homeschool Minute – Getting Things Done ~ Episode 473

What is in a minute? 60 seconds to get something done! Some of the most productive people I know have three things going for them. One, they do not waste time, two, they know how to multi-task, and three they have a plan or a list. So, do you want to make a change in your life and join those super-productive people? Listen to this episode!

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Lord, can I just please have a few more hours in my day? Is this a prayer you have prayed? Why is it that some people get so much done and others flounder? You’ve heard it all and here is the shortlist: get organized, get a plan, make a list – check it twice, and look at your priorities. Does this list sound familiar?

I think the most frustrating part is feeling that we don’t get very much done, often because we plan way too much and there is no way, even with an army of helpers can we get it done in one day. We expect to cook, clean, do laundry, homeschool the kids, take them to lessons, and have a happy outlook on life each day. I’m not going to say that you should lower your expectations, but I am going to say that you need a list that is doable.

We overdo everything (raise your hand if you are an overachiever). Or, maybe you are a procrastinator, and why do today what you can do tomorrow?

Troubleshooting Problems:

  1. Kids can’t finish their assignments – Is this truly an issue with behavior, or difficulty or do you need to cut back on the number of problems, for example, math is required each day?
  2. The schedule has too much on it – cut something out or do things two days a week or three days a week and give yourself more time.
  3. Meal planning helps – repurpose food. Baked chicken on day one, use leftovers on day five with barbeque sauce, or make a quick pot pie (use store-bought crust – it’s okay). Keep weekday meals simple. Breakfast for dinner or sandwiches for dinner is fine if that is all the time you have.
  4. Frustration. On the part of the parent. Find out what is troubling you and address the issue.
  5. Frustration. On the part of the students. Ask them specifically what the issue is and discern a solution.

Figuring out a solution can save you time and energy. It is hard to be upbeat and optimistic when you are frustrated.

Some of the best advice I’ve picked up from marketing classes and business classes. These classes talk about working smarter rather than harder and that means analyzing what you want to do and figuring out the time involved.

What about some really practical things you can actually implement today? First of all look at what you need to accomplish. Is it looking for a homeschool curriculum? Is it making a meal plan? Is it teaching the kids in a way that they will remember?

Look at what you want to get done and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long will it take?
  2. What really needs to get done immediately?
  3. What can you do later?
  4. Who can help you?
  5. What will have to be put off until later?

Best Practice and Tips for Accomplishing

  1. Use small bits of time.
  2. Keep a running list of things you need to do that are not immediate.
  3. Select one or two things to accomplish.
  4. Keep interruptions at a minimum.
  5. Put the phone in another room with the ringer on.

Being disorganized and losing things accounts for about half of my homeschool wasted time. If you can’t find a sharpened pencil, the markers you need, or a book you wanted to use to teach a lesson, this all takes time and adds to the frustration. I remember a particular child who will not be mentioned who lost her math book often. I finally told her she could not take it out of the schoolroom and that solved that problem. That is part of working smarter and not harder.

Homeschool Minutes School Tips

  1. Keep books in the school room (or school bin).
  2. Mechanical pencils or pencil sharpeners.
  3. Have drinks handy nearby (so the kids do not need to leave).
  4. Bathroom break time limits
  5. Snack breaks if needed
  6. Time to start, eat lunch, and break for the day.
  7. Homework only if absolutely necessary. (incomplete work)
  8. Tests on a particular day – plan for it.
  9. Check papers daily.
  10. Keep a portfolio of work completed – weekly.

Homeschool Minutes Organizational Tips

  1. Have a place for your supplies and organized.
  2. Have a place for the kids and their supplies and books.
  3. Give each child a designated place to work.
  4. Weekly check-off sheets.
  5. Daily or at least weekly clean-up of school supplies

Homeschool Minutes Fun Learning Ideas –

I loved to learn on the road, especially when I had little kids. I would have a list of ideas and use think about using one or more of these when we went to lessons or errands. Here is a quick list.

  1. Identifying trucks vs. cars – have the children count the number of trucks they see. You can have them count a specific color truck as well – let’s see how many red trucks we can see before the next two stoplights.
  2. Explain the meaning of the word, “adjective,” and have the children “find” all the adjectives between Point A and Point B. For example – green, tall, short, red, square, etc.
  3. Explain the meaning of a noun and have the children find all the nouns from Point A to Point B.
  4. Play “I spy with my little eye,” or a similar type of game. This is more difficult to do when you are in a moving vehicle, but it can be at a stop light.
  5. Listen to educational songs that teach

No one says I am sorry I did not accomplish more during my homeschool years, but what they say is, “It went so fast,” or “I miss my kids,” or “I am so thankful I had the time for as many years as I did with my children.” It is such a blessing when we can spend the time with our children that is challenging and productive, yet so much tends to be sacrificed at the altar of perfection.

Friends, enjoy your children and your homeschool journey and make the most of each and every day.


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