Fun Activities for the End of the School Year

Do you need some fun, low-prep end-of-the-year school activities to fill up those last few days of school?

Fun Activities for the End of the School Year

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1. Research Projects

Have students research a topic they are interested in.  You could have them create Google Slide Shows, videos, or traditional posters and reports.

President Research Reports

I have some ready-made research projects that are print and go!

2. Jelly bean and Toothpick Towers

The end of the year is a great time to work on STEAM collaborative activities.  I have previously shared blog posts about a Jack in the Beanstalk and a reading ottoman building project.

Jelly Bean Towers

Another fun activity is to have your students build towers out of toothpicks and jellybeans.  Give each group of students one box of toothpicks and one bag of jellybeans.  The group with the highest standing structure in 3 minutes wins.

You can add additional time or criteria (must include certain shapes or angles) to make the activity take longer.

3. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are always a fun way to review previously learned material and have a little bit of fun!  You can find some great ones on Teachers pay Teachers.

4. Special Days Countdown

Countdown the last few days with special themed days.  Some ideas could be: movie day, craft day, reading day, electronics day, board game day, Lego day, etc.  

5. Color by Number

Color by Number activities are a great way to keep your students busy and engaged those last few days of school.

Sports Themed Color by Number

I have a ton of these in my Teachers pay Teachers store including these:

6. Mental Math

Mental Math Task Cards

My students always love these Mental Math task cards and the end of the year is a great time to bring them out!

7. Scoot Games

Scoot Games are a great way to get your students up and moving!

Check out this Sidewalk Scoot Game that is perfect for the end of the year!

8. Teach the Teacher Day

Have your students create lessons and then teach them to the class! You can have them create lessons over things you have learned during the year or some of their hobbies.

9. Bucket Lists

Have your students create a bucket list for their summer!

10. Write Letters of Advice for Next Year

Have your students write letters of advice for your new students coming in the fall.  They could also write letters to their future teacher with advice for teaching them.

11. Minute to Win It Game Day

Have a game day with Minute to Win it Games.  I love this freebie on Teachers pay Teachers!

12. Frisbees

Give your students a Frisbee as their end-of-the-year gift.  Have Sharpies available so that they can sign them for each other.  Then take them outside to play catch with them!

13. Kickball Tournament

Challenge another class in your grade level to a kickball tournament.

14. Classroom Awards

Have your students vote for each other to win classroom awards.  You can read more about hosting a Kid's Choice Awards here.