Free I See Apples Printable Book

If you and your students love printable books, this I See Apples printable book is sure to be a hit! You can incorporate it into your fall or apple theme plans. Or just bring it out when the kids are having apples for a snack.

The apple emergent reader is fairly low-prep, and you don’t need many materials to use it. Plus, it packs a punch when it comes to the early learning skills incorporated into it. That’s a win-win in my book!

Your students will be able to practice early literacy skills AND math skills with one easy apple mini book. And, of course, it’s a great lead into some science concepts too.

Preschooler holding an I See Apples printable book

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Preschoolers love making books, at least in my experience! Over the years, we’ve enjoyed making class books, individual books, books for friends, books for parents, etc. So many great learning opportunities arise when making books with kids.  

Sometimes, I combine kids’ art with words to make books. Other times, I create a short printable for the children. That’s the case with this apple emergent reader the children worked on during our preschool apple theme.

I See Apples Printable Book

As I already mentioned, this printable apple book is easy to prep and simple to use with the children. Print, fold, staple, and go! Read below for more details about how to put the book together, and ideas for using it with the kids.

Materials for the Apple Mini Book

You really don’t need much. Here’s what I used (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Yep, that’s about it! Of course, you might want to extend the learning with a few more items like:

Those last ideas are just optional suggestions. So don’t stress if you don’t happen to have them on-hand.

How to Assemble the Emergent Reader

First, get your own copy of the I See Apples printable book at the bottom of this post. Then print out the book you prefer, making as many copies as needed.

To assemble the reader, fold each page in half vertically. Make sure the images are facing out. Then arrange the pages in order, with the folded sides on the right-hand side. Finally, staple along the left-hand side of the book.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to assemble the books without cutting them:

And then your apple books are all ready to go!

I See Apples Printable Book Pages

I kept the apple reader very simple. The layout is very basic, the words are easy and repetitive, and the pictures are simple.  The book consists of 4 pieces of papers.  Each page folds in half vertically, which leads to 8 mini pages.

Frist, there’s the front cover. It has the title “I See Apples”, along with space for a child’s name.

Preschooler coloring a yellow apple in an apple emergent reader

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Each page follows the title’s pattern and focuses on the different colors apples can be.  All apples are red, yellow, or green (or some combination thereof), so the first three pages consist of those colors.

The page “I see a white apple” focuses on what an apple looks like when it’s bitten or cut into. If you’re able to, I highly recommend that you cut open an apple so the kids can really observe the inside.

Preschooler pointing to words in a printable apple book

The page “I see a brown apple” explores what happens when an apple is eaten down to the core and left out. Perfect for a mini lesson on oxidation if you want!

Please note that the free printable includes two copies of the book. The first is an updated version with crisper clip art. The second version is the original printable apple book I made for my preschoolers about a decade ago at this point!

child using green crayon to color an apple mini book

The child in the picture above, coloring in the very first iteration of this book, is in high school now! I feel so old!

How to Use the Apple Printable Book with Kids

Introduce the book to your students, “We’re going to make a book about different color apples.”  Nothing spectacular, but it let the kids know what the book is about.

Next, go page by page through the apple reader. Point to the high frequency words your students might know, as well as the color words. Then let the kids get their hands on their own books!

Help the children locate the color words on each page. Depending on the ages and needs of your students, you can have them underline the color words on each page or you can do it for them. Either way, make sure to use a corresponding crayon, marker, or colored pencil to do so.

Finally, have the kids color in each page. Be sure to discuss the appropriate colors needed! They can color in the children eating apples however they like. Maybe they’ll want to color in their favorite type of apple.

And, of course, be sure to keep the books to read over and over again!

What Skills are Being Practiced with the Apple Mini Book?

Even though it’s a super simple book, “I See Apples” helps kids explore a variety of literacy, math, and science concepts. Here are some:

  • High frequency words (I, see, a, an)
  • Color words (red, green, yellow, white, brown)
  • Parts of an apple
  • The apple life cycle
  • Oxidation
  • Reading directionality
  • Spaces and punctuation
  • Color identification
  • Language development
Preschooler holding open an I See Apples printable book

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It’s also a lot of fun to talk about the kids’ apple preferences along the way. In fact, your students might fill you in on that unprompted!

Don’t forget to get your free copy of the I See Apples printable book at the end of this post! Be sure to let me know what your students think of it, too.

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