Free I See a Pumpkin Printable Book

Do you love using printable books with your preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students? If so, this I See a Pumpkin printable book is for you!

Use the colorful pumpkin emergent reader to work on a variety of early literacy skills, as well as color identification! I think the book would be a great addition to your kindergarten or preschool pumpkin activities. Or use it after a trip to the pumpkin patch or before you decorate pumpkins with the kids.

No matter when you incorporate it into your plans, the kids are sure to enjoy being illustrators of “I See a Pumpkin.”

Views of pumpkin colors reader with text that reads I See a Pumpkin printable book

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Be sure to get your own copy of the pumpkin book at the bottom of this post! It includes every basic color, but you can adjust it to best meet the needs of your students.

I See a Pumpkin Printable Book

This simple pumpkin emergent reader sure packs a punch when it comes to learning! AND you can use it a few different ways with your students. I try to make printables that can be used in more than one way, and this one fits that bill.

2 versions of the I See a Pumpkin book

Read below for assembling tips, as well as for ideas for using the colorful pumpkin book with your students.

How to Prep the Pumpkin Colors Book

First, get your hands on the materials you need to get the book ready. Here’s what we used (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

Yes, that’s it! Of course, you’ll want to grab any additional supplies you might need, like:

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to prep the I See a Pumpkin printable book. Here’s what to do:

  • First, decide which pages to include. The printable comes with all of the basic colors. You can use all of the pages or just some. That depends on you and your students.
  • Next, print the pages you want. Make extra copies as needed.
  • Then fold the pages in half, keeping the illustrations and text facing out.
  • Rearrange the pages into the order you want them, with the folded sides on the right-hand side.
  • Finally, staple down the middle.

It really takes me longer to type the directions than it does to make one book. Here’s a look at how to do so:

You can also cut the pages down the middle and staple the books together that way. I just prefer to print, fold, and staple.

Now it’s time to call the kids over to make their pumpkin books!

How to Use the I See a Pumpkin Printable Book with Kids

The pumpkin emergent reader comes with two versions of the book. One is color and the other is black-and-white. You can use the color copy as a teacher version of the book. Use it to preview the reader with your students, discussing the colors on the page and the high frequency words as appropriate.

child's finger pointing to read I see a pink pumpkin

Explain to your students that they get to make a book all about colorful pumpkins. Review the basic colors, all of which are found in this book – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, gray, white, and brown. You might get into a discussion of the kids’ favorite colors along the way!

In small groups, have the children help identify the color words on each page. If possible, underline the color words with coordinating crayons or markers.

Then walk the children through each page of the book, pointing to the words and reading the words aloud. Have the kids color in the pumpkins on each page, making sure the colors match what the words say. On the last page of the book, have the kids color the pumpkin their favorite color.

child coloring a pink pumpkin in pumpkin emergent reader

Depending on the ages and needs of your students, this might be done over the course of a few days. You know your students best! Once each I See a Pumpkin printable book is fully illustrated, have the kids read the books together. Be sure to keep them for rereading, too.

Other Ideas for the Pumpkin Reader

You can also turn the pumpkin colors book into a set of pumpkin color mats for your math center.

  • To do this, cut each page of the color version apart into individual mini pages. Laminate those pages. If you want, punch a hole and place the color mats on a binder ring.
  • Then pair the pumpkin color mats with a variety of colorful materials. You can use loose parts, math manipulatives, magnetic numbers, magnetic letters, craft supplies, etc. Anything that comes in a variety of colors works well here.
  • Place the pumpkin color pages out in your math center, along with a basket of materials to sort. Let the children go through the items in the basket, placing each item on the corresponding mat. If you want to add even more fine motor practice, place kid-friendly tweezers or tongs in the center.

Or turn the I See a Pumpkin printable book into a pocket chart activity!

  • Write the words on sentence strips and place them in your favorite pocket chart. Write every word in black, except for the color words. Use the corresponding colors to write those words.
  • Cut the pictures out of the colorful version of the pumpkin book. Laminate the colorful pumpkins so they stand up to little hands.
  • Show your students how to use a pointer to point to each word and read it. Then show the kids how to match the colorful pumpkins to the appropriate sentences.
  • Once your students understand the concept, place the pumpkin pocket chart activity in your literacy center.
child coloring in printable book page that reads I see a yellow pumpkin

How would YOU use the I See a Pumpkin printable book with your students? Don’t forget to get your copy at the bottom of this post.

More Pumpkin Ideas for Kids

Well, I just couldn’t leave you without sharing a few more pumpkin activities to try with your students:

I think these ideas would go along well with the I See a Pumpkin printable book, what about you?

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Get Your Copy of the I See a Pumpkin Printable Book

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Two versions of an I See a Pumpkin printable book open to blue and purple pages

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