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Hi! I’m Liesl! It is conference season again and I wanted to share our free conference handouts not only with those who are attending/attended this weekend’s conference, but for my audience in general! I hope you find some helpful resources here!

If you attended the homeschool conference, you probably noticed that we have a lot of history and science resources as well as other packets for German, Spanish, math (K-2 math activities bundle and the huge multiplication/division bundle), spelling activities and more! In this post, I hope to help you find the units or bundles you might be interested in! We have a huge website with more than 2,000 posts and it is easy to get lost!
Quick Links:


  • Homeschool Conference Handout: Click on the link (to the left) or the image below to download the free PDF

Homeschool Conference Handout 2023 – Free PDF


Click the link or picture below to download this free PDF! History Checklist for Homeschoolers

This PDF includes many of the history units and topics we covered in our homeschool in elementary, middle school and even into high school. It also includes some of the historical skills I wanted to cover with the kids and different history teaching strategies and activity ideas. There is a list of different types of history writing assignments to do with your kids. And, there is also a more updated list with our free history notebook pages.



Visit this post to grab this FREE Printable Planner: at this post: Free Homeschool Planner and Discovery Journal


  • Homeschool Planner – Calendar Style More recently, I have been using a planner with lots of writing space and a monthly calendar sprinkled throughout the planner. Currently, the Spring 2023 Homeschool Planner is available. The Fall 2023 Homeschool Planner will be released later this summer.


History Units

We have done a lot of different science and history units over the years. If you are looking for some of our history packets, you will want to click over to the History Page. There you will find links to find out more about our history packets.



At the conference, I highlighted many of our science bundles. Let me provide quick links to these pages for you below.

[TAG10]We often try to do 6-8 science units each year in the major science areas. We have these science bundles available, but our packetsare also sold separately. Remember that all of our resources are PDF digital downloads.

Science BUNDLE links:

We would rotate through our science units tackling different topics in those areas each year. Then we often came back a few years later and did these same units again (and in more depth). I have three kids (each two years apart) and we did science and history together throughout elementary and middle school.

I would often ask the kids if they remembered a topic. They were good about saying they needed to review it briefly or to go over a unit in more depth again.

Again, I have bundled our materials together and wanted to help you navigate our website so you can see if any of our units are helpful for your family (or the students in your classroom).  The Earth Science Page shows what units are available, similar to the pages I created for the Big Animal Bundle, Biology Bundle of 7 , Chemistry Bundle, Human Body Bundle and Spelling Bundle. You can purchase various bundles, but you can also purchase these packets separately. We tend to be *very* visual, so our worksheets and notebook pages include a lot of images!

More about our Science BUNDLES

Earth Science BUNDLE:

We have done a lot of different Earth Science and Physical Science units over the years. We love how many hands-on activities you can do with science. That has always kept my three kids engaged!

You can still purchase these units separately or in various combinations depending on your need.

Some of our Earth Science and Physical Science Units include:

  • the Earth Science Unit
  • Layers of the Atmosphere Unit
  • Rocks and Minerals Unit
  • Magnetism Unit
  • Weather Unit (clouds, weather fronts, winds, etc.)
  • Where I Live (from the Milky Way Galaxy down to my city/town, street and home)
  • Trash and Recycling Unit
  • Simple Machines Unit
  • Energy Unit
  • Water Cycle Unit

These units are sold separately or in different Earth Science BUNDLE options. You can check the Earth Science and Physical Science Bundle options and find out more about these individual units here: Earth Science Page


If you are interested in some of our other BUNDLES just click on the link below!

Big Animal Bundle

Some of the units we did early on for zoology include the 1) Animal Unit, 2) World Animals Packet, 3) Rainforest Packet, 4) Life Cycles Packet, 5) Winter Packet – plus several mini units 6) the Cicadas Packet 7) the Chameleon Packet 8) the Wolves Mini-Unit 9) The Mitten Activities Packet 10) Dinosaur Packet 11) Australia Unit.


Biology Bundle of 6

Our biology units include the Biology Unit, Cells Unit, Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Unit, Botany Unit, Ocean Unit, Pathogens Unit (Bacteria, Viruses and more)

These were units we started doing when the kids were in upper elementary and middle school. For example, my kids started to learn the organelles of the cell when they were in 2nd, 5th and 7th grades. We would review that material every couple of years. We also used these units some when they did high school biology!


Chemistry Bundle,

  • Introduction to Chemistry – Size of Atoms Mini-Unit
  • States of Matter Packet
  • Properties of Matter Packet
  • Electricity & Circuits Packet
  • Chemistry Packet
  • the pH Scale, Acids and Bases
  • Ions and Isotopes – This sounds complex, but we covered this in middle school after we did the chemistry unit! It’s really is quite straight forward. We used a lot of pictures, counted lots of electrons or neutrons and built atoms with candy!
  • An Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Human Body Bundle


Spelling Bundle

We used (and LOVED) All About Spelling  (affiliate link) for many, many years! We would review the various spelling rules covered in AAS with lots of word sorts and games. My kids loved playing these! Here are some of the Words Sorts/Activity Packets we used:

  • Long A & Long I Packet
  • Long E Packet
  • ou/ow oy/oi au/aw Packet
  • /er/ Sound Packet
  • /k/ Sound Packet
  • /ul/ Sound Packet
  • ie/ei Words Packet
  • Plurals – add -s or -es

[TAG19]Consonant Blend BUNDLE

[TAG20]We have a lot of history materials too and may eventually make some history bundles, but I am still working on those! In the meantime, I will send you to the history page!


I have often been asked questions from my readers such as “Where do I start? How do I know what to teach?  What units did your kids do when they were in __ Grade?” The simple answer is every homeschooling family will have their own journey. And in fact, each of my three kids had a different homeschool journey as well! But I wanted to put together these guides to show you what our family did along the way. Maybe it will give you a few ideas as you forge your own amazing homeschool path!!

Creating Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: These are some resources I made that might be helpful as you create your own homeschool plans.  These are somewhere between 30 and 50 pages and are FREE to download :






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[TAG29]Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

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