Easter Playdough Mats Free Printable

Grab these Easter playdough mats to give your preschoolers a good dose of fine motor and literacy practice while they play. Afterwards, check out the rest of our Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers for even more ideas.

These Easter egg play dough mats can be used in any number of ways, depending on what you want to work on with the kids.

Giving your students options for using the mats allows the kids to be creative, and it lets you get more mileage out of one printable. Ask the children if they can come up with more ideas to use these Easter play dough mats, and see what they brainstorm!

child's hand and printable with heading that reads: Easter playdough mats

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Easter Playdough Mats

Your kids are going to love these play dough mats! They are all sorts of Easter fun in a simple printable. Your students will be inspired to explore the shapes and words on the mats, using different materials and approaches. This is the very best way to use printables – in creative, hands-on activities that the kids enjoy.

Download your free play dough mats at the end of this post. But first, let’s take a look at them and see some ideas for using them.

stack of printed Easter playdough mats for preschoolers

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Materials for the Easter Play Dough Fun

All you really need for these Easter playdough mats are the mats, a dry erase pouch or lamination, and play dough. Check out this playdough recipe if you want to whip up a batch or 2 of homemade play dough. Store bought play dough is fine, too.

child's hand working with an Easter bunny playdough mat

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You can add more variety to this activity if you have some little surprise items at the ready. I always like to suggest themed manipulatives with play dough mats. Children can use them with, or in place of, the play dough to explore the mats, and they’ll come up with all sorts of ideas.

Here are some ideas to use with your Easter playdough mats. You might already have some items floating around your home or classroom that would work just as well!

Prep and Play with Easter Play Dough Mats

Getting the mats ready for your students is super simple. You can have them ready to go in no time. And your students can certainly help put them into the dry erase pockets if you want to get them involved in the prep work.

child's hand pressing play dough onto a chick Easter play dough mat

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Here’s what to do:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this post for your copy of the Easter playdough mats.
  2. Then, print the document. Make sure to follow the downloading and printing suggestions listed for best results.
  3. Finally, pop the printables into dry erase pockets. This will create a surface suitable for play dough as well as enhancing durability. You can also laminate them if you’d rather.
  4. Then let the kids at them!

Keep this fairly open-ended with a little bit of guidance in the form of ideas. Some kids will meticulously trace over the images on the mats. Others will make their own versions of what’s on the mats. Still others will use them just as mats for their own creative play dough masterpieces. All of these are perfectly fine!

play dough on an Easter egg printable with child's hands pressing playdough onto it

There are multiple Easter egg designs – 5 versions with different colors and patterns to be exact! At the bottom of the Easter egg pages it says “The colors I used:” Your students can use dry erase markers to draw or write the colors they used if they’re keeping track. Or they can place a small bit of each color of play dough down there. This is a way to encourage talking points as they’re telling their peers (or you!) about their play dough Easter eggs. It also has the benefit of working on color identification.

Benefits of Play Dough

We all know how much kids adore playing with play dough! But what exactly are the benefits for your preschoolers? In a word: LOTS! Yes, the kids will be getting so much out of these Easter play dough mats. Here’s a list of some of play dough’s benefits:

  • Play dough encourages fine motor development.
  • The kids get a lot of hand-strengthening opportunities.
  • Play dough’s sensory aspects are calming for kids (and adults!).
  • Using play dough with peers and adults gives children ample time to work on language and vocabulary development.
  • Color identification opportunities pop up.
  • If you let the kids help make homemade play dough, science skills come into play.
  • Play dough invitations give kids the chance to be create.

Just some of the things your kids will get out of using the Easter playdough mats! Be sure to let me know how the kids like them.

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Free Easter Playdough Mats

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