Count more


no prep counting games

One of the games in our Math Pack for Making 5, 6 and 7 is Seven Smilies. It requires students to count on from a number within 1-7 in the number frame and make a total of 7, seeing the part-part-whole relationship while building a set. 

Here are a few no-prep warm up ideas you could play with the class before you teach this concept. You can use them for the number 7, or any other number (e.g. 6, 10 or 12)

Clap more

  • tell students you want them to clap more to make 7
  • they will listen for your claps (count in their mind) and then clap the remaining to get to 7
  • encourage them to count as well
  • e.g. you do: clap, clap, clap and they do: clap (4), clap (5), clap (6), clap (7)

Move more

  • play to the same format as Clap more, but have students jump, stamp or hop

Ordering 1-6

  • the class sits in a circle with a giant dice
  • take turns rolling the dice
  • the first child to roll a 1 may stand first in a line (option: let them hold a number one card)
  • continue until a child rolls 2 and then 3 through to 6
  • encourage all students to watch the dice as it rolls and help their peers

Say a Subtraction rhyme 

I just wrote this one for you, students can hold up 7 fingers and remove one on each count, backward from 7 to 1

Seven little wombats
Playing in the sun,
From high up in a tree
A gumnut fell on one.

That little wombat
Cried all afternoon,
So we put him in a rocket
And sent him to the moon.

Have fun with numbers today - I'm sure your students will love the hands-on math games in your groups or workshop!