Challenging Word Problems Level 3 from Singapore Math Live Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Singapore Math Live

I love word problems!  If you know me then you probably know that Scrabble is my favorite game in the world.  Word problems can sometimes be challenging to explain so I was thrilled to review Challenging Word Problems Level 3 from Singapore Math Live.  We received the workbook and access to all the online videos.

Our physical book

Our online video course
In our videos, students watch Brenda Barnett, a homeschooling parent with a desire to help families maximize their Singapore Math skills, work out the solutions on a whiteboard.  Older students can watch these videos themselves and work through all the word problem strategies while parents of younger children may want to watch these videos themselves and utilize the strategies taught to then pass onto their younger children.  Basically, these videos are a great tool or resource to help strengthen your families world problem skills as needed!

What contents or topics does this book cover?  Problems include

  • addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • metal calculation
  • length
  • mass and weight
  • capacity
  • money
  • fractions
  • time
  • data analysis
  • geometry
  • area and perimeter

This program is designed to enhance a students problem solving and critical thinking skills through daily exposure to strategies and methods in as little as 10-20 minutes a day.  It is a great supplement to any math curriculum.  Students will attempt problems for ~ 5 minutes in their workbook (this is a required component for these videos) and then view the solutions and watch the solutions to learn what stumped them.  I love having these videos, they are super great for visual learners (and audio as well)!

Above you can see some of the practice questions in our workbook.
And here you can see the video for the solutions for these practice problems.

The total video for the solutions to these practice problems is just over 15 minutes.  I really like that it shows you were the solutions are for each problem: 1st problem starts at 24 seconds, 2nd problems starts at 3 minutes, 3rd problem starts at 5 minutes and 48 seconds, and so on.  This way, students can easily find the problems that they are struggling with or need more help with.

Completed Practice Questions

As I mentioned before, sometimes students may not need help with certain problems like above and may not need to watch the videos for those solutions.  And that's okay.  They can simply watch the videos of the problems that stump them.  I think these videos are a great resource and tool to have as a supplemental math.

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