Brilliant Game Room Ideas To Create A Gaming Paradise

If you need a few game room ideas, your options aren’t limited. A game room is a space where the whole family can enjoy playing games. Your gaming room should be the entertainment center of your home.

Game Room Ideas

The most important thing to remember is to design your game room according to your personality. When choosing the interior decor, select furniture pieces according to the needs of those who will use them the most. Other things to consider include natural lighting, gaming chairs, and even wall sconces. 

Smart Game Room Ideas For 2022

Every home needs a space where family and guests can play board games, shoot pool, or video games together. A living room is nice for relaxing, but the space is limited. For the type of activities we have in mind, a game room or entertainment area is the way to go.

Here are a few smart ways to can design a game room and use it to its full advantage.

Multifunctional Game Room Space

Multiple functions in one space
A window nook is a space-saving feature, perfect for game rooms (Ian Cummings Photography)

A game room should be flexible and versatile. You want the space to grow with your family. Children outgrow games, and so do you. If you leave room for your space to evolve, then it will change along with your game preferences.

With a multifunctional space, you can include a foosball table in the center, a table for board games, a movie-watching area, and a space where you can eat or enjoy a beverage.

Backyard Game Room Design

Backyard shed gaming room
A fresh coat of paint and a pool table can change the décor

The game room doesn’t need to be in your home. For example, you could build one in your neighbor’s house. Just kidding. However, if you have a barn, give it a game room makeover.

You could even turn the space into a man cave. After you installed a mini fridge, you would have a place to unwind and escape from the daily doldrums of family life.

Small Game Room Ideas

Special area designed for gaming
Give an old banquette a fresh new look with colorful cushions

When designing small spaces, choose a theme and color and run with them just to see what happens. You don’t need the whole room to create something unique.

Sometimes, a large TV might be overwhelming. Not every great TV idea involves a huge screen display. Design a designated space as part of your living room. A comfy banquette can fit in one corner. Add a small reading table and you’ll have an ideal gaming space to play cards or board games.

DIY Wall Art

Game room Wall Art Ideas

One of the easiest ways to create a game room theme is with wall art. Movie posters make for excellent wall art for a back wall. Search online for film posters from your favorite movies and buy a few of them.

Tip: For extra safety, use plastic frames for your movie posters instead of glass frames. Plastic frames are cheaper, safer, and easier to clean.

Shelving Ideas

Game room Shelving and Wall Decor

When working with limited space, you’ll need to explore your vertical storage options. With small rooms, every inch is important. A bookshelf or floating shelf system would provide extra space for books, video games, and party supplies. 

A few shelving ideas for small game rooms that would declutter your space include:

  • Floating Shelves – this shelving design offers easy and quick access to your most used items. Corner floating shelves are another option. 
  • Portable Shelves – you have plenty of options with portable shelves. Tall and narrow,  or short and wide, the shelving system can be folded up and stored in a separate room.  

Game Room Audio

Premium gaming room Decor

A game room isn’t the same unless it has a high-quality sound system. Speakers come in various shapes and sizes, so you won’t have any problems finding ones to fit your small game room. 

A few popular audio equipment ideas for your game room:

  • Soundbar – a simple and slim device that fits underneath your TV. It provides optimum audio control.
  • Sound furniture – this is basically any type of furniture that has built-in speakers. 
  • Media Console – this would be an all-in-one package where your audio and main controls would be kept. 

RGB LED Lighting

RGB LED Lighting 

You’ve probably seen RGB LED lighting but you didn’t know what it was. Let’s look closer and learn more about RGB lighting and see why this lighting style is popular in game rooms nationwide.

What Is RGB Lighting?

The initials “RGB” represent an acronym that stands for red, green, and blue. When you combine the three colors into one light source it creates and displays over 16 million color options.

How Does RGB Lighting Work?

Now that you know what RGB means, let’s learn how it works. An RGB LED light is an LED unit that produces just about any color imaginable. You can use it for outdoor lighting, performance stages, and for home lighting systems.

How Does RGB Lighting Work?

When you combine LED intensity, other colors are produced. For example, if you wanted blue light, set the blue LED to its highest intensity. Next, set the green and red LEDs to their lowest intensity levels. RGB LED controls allow you to change the intensity of each color to create a color mix. 

RGB LED Lighting Advantages

You might be wondering why RGB LED lighting is important. Well, the lighting system offers three main benefits.

  • Good For Health – it’s believed the RGB LED lights offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial protection. 
  • Color Options – As mentioned earlier, RGB LED lights offer 16 million color options. If that isn’t enough, you might want to seek professional attention.
  • Low Heat – unlike other lighting options, RGB LED light produces less heat than regular lighting sources. 

Smart Lighting

Attic entertainment room
Ambient lighting and comfortable chairs will help you fall asleep.

With limited space, your children will adore a tiny game room setup. Not all game rooms require pool tables and multiple TV screens. A small gaming area, TV stand, and a comfy chair or two, and your kids will never want to grow up or leave home.

You don’t want to use strong lighting and you need to keep your eyes protected. Ambient or soft lighting are your best options.

Here are a few popular lighting ideas for small game rooms:

  • LED Lights – compact fluorescent bulbs with a daylight white temperature are the most popular lights for game room spaces.
  • RGB Lights – if your small game room is dedicated to playing video games, then RGB lighting would be ideal. RGB lighting provides backlighting for gaming consoles and computer keyboards.
  • Light Strips – ambient light strips have an adhesive surface, allowing you to put them wherever you want. 

Rustic Game Room Ideas

As the modern farmhouse style continues to grow, so too does rustic living. Here are a few rustic game room ideas for inspiration.

Big Windows

Modern chalet playroom1
The window seats are both comfy and practical, with built-in storage.

You’ll never have to worry about fresh air in this game room. Windows complement rustic game rooms as they allow you to stay connected to your outdoor surroundings.  

Wood Decor

Modern chalet playroom
A view from a different angle showing the whole layout of the room. (Photo by Roger Wade Studio)

Rustic and wood go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. Wood flooring, exposed wood beams, and a stained wood pool table round out the mix with this rustic game room design.

What could be more beautiful than shooting pool while admiring the gorgeous countryside? Add window nooks and seats to take full advantage of your surrounding views.

Stone Walls

A popular feature of rustic game rooms is stone walls. The most popular stone walls in rustic household game rooms are sandstone, limestone, granite, and fieldstone.

Most game room layouts use drywall or plaster and then cover the walls with art. Stone walls make a statement by themselves and don’t require maintenance or wall art to look appealing.

Rustic Game Room Lighting Ideas

Cherry wood ceiling
Cherry wood ceiling with clear satin finish contrasts with the dark flooring.

When your game room already has windows, you won’t need much extra lighting. But what should you do after the sun goes down? With rustic decor, you want lighting that complements the room’s decor. 

This example features a French country chandelier that hangs over the game room. Three mission pendant lights hang over the pool table and provide an ambient and soothing light source. 

Rustic Game Room Flooring Ideas

Wood floors and exposed wooden beams are highlights of rustic and modern farmhouse game rooms. Rustic flooring features natural materials like wood and stone. The flooring is also made with engineered materials designed to look like real wood. People like rustic wood flooring because it has knots, scratches, and color hues that create an authentic country vibe.

Here are the four most popular rustic flooring styles:

  • Reclaimed Wood – this wood flooring is made with reclaimed wood from old barns and farmhouses.
  • Knots And Detailed Wood Grains – this rustic flooring style features wood knots and grains. For best results, choose Pecan, Hickory, or White Oak.
  • Multi-Width Planks – although similar to reclaimed wood  flooring, the difference here is how not all wood planks are the same size. When you lay your flooring, you’ll have pieces of different sizes. When you connect them, it will add character and style.
  • Laminate Flooring – looks like real wood, but it’s cheaper than engineered wood. With today’s advanced technology, 3D photographic imaging can make laminate flooring look just like real wood.

Home Theater Game Room Ideas

A game room doesn’t have to be about video games. If you have the space and budget, turn your game room space into a home cinema that the entire family would enjoy.

Modern playroom for adults tv screen
Tuck the pool table in the corner to add more space and lower noise levels.

Don’t entertain the idea of a home theater system unless you have the space. This layout goes beyond a simple video game design and instead resembles the front row of a mini-cineplex. The setup forgoes gaming chairs and instead uses modular seating.

Chil in front of a big screen
Chill in the front row or have fun in the back of the room.   (Jeri Koegel Photographer)

Only front row seating is allowed in this room. You see, this way nobody gets left out or feels neglected. With families, you need to be mindful of things like this, or bad things might happen later.

Multifunctional Room

Organize two areas media room
Organize the two areas side by side to make full use of the space.

This efficient gaming setup kills two birds with one stone. Watch a movie, and when it’s over, shoot a game of pool. Or, if you felt like it, you could shoot pool and watch a movie at the same time. Now, how’s that for freedom?

Minimalist Game Room

Fish tank perfect balance
A perfect balance from every point of view

What could be more minimalist than a fish tank and a pool table? If you have a small space, like this example, paint the walls white so it will look bigger. This setup is for the serious pool player and DIY aquarist.

Game Room Ideas For Adults

This may come as a surprise, but adults also like to have fun. While living amid a pandemic, adults have found themselves forced to spend more time at home. Game room construction and design have flourished in recent years.

Here are a few examples of how you can create a bar atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

Wet Bar 

Black modern playroom for adults with bar and Piquito Black Mini Pendant Light
Use appropriate lighting to highlight the main features.

For adults, what game room would be complete without alcohol? Installing a wet bar is the first step to creating a space that adults can enjoy.

This example takes things further and turns a game room into a neighborhood drinking destination.

Throw a pool table in the mix for good measure, and before you know it, your home would become a local lighthouse for adults looking to have a good time. 

Gambling Game Room 

Round game table basement bar
Turn your basement into a gambling den. 

Classic Pool Room 

Elegant biliard room design with bar
Find the best place for the bar to take full advantage of the floor space.

Casino Style Game Room

Home bar design bamboo floor
The LED strip lights really make the room pop

Why go to Las Vegas when it can come to you? Think of the great memories you could create if you had a game room modeled after a casino. You could appoint your kids to sell poker chips or deal cards, which help improve their math skills.

Pool Table Setup 

Bold ceiling for entertainment room
Paint the ceiling an attractive and bold color

If you have limited space, then turn it into a billiards room and leave it at that. This example features a mini-fridge and doors that lead outside. 

Traditional Pool Room 

Gemetric carpet for gaming room
Try a geometric design with combinations of patterns and shapes

This game room style is for those who take shooting pool seriously. You could watch “The Hustler” on the big screen TV and live it in real life in your game room.

Rustic Theme Game Room

Barn turned into a gaming room
Give the room a cozy, barn-like feel with natural materials and finishes (by Heritage Restorations)

Cool Game Room Ideas For Kids

If you have kids, the more effort you put into designing your game room the happier they will be. Here are a few ideas that will make your game room an ideal space for your children.

Cool Gaming Chairs

Gaming setup Chair 819x1024

With game room furniture, you should consider gaming chairs for kids as they serve many functions. A gaming chair can make or break the gaming playing experience. The chairs are not only good for playing video games but can also be used for reading, working, and relaxing. Plus, gaming chairs promote good posture and offer optimum back support.

Thanks to advanced technology, gaming chairs are also equipped with built-in speakers and chair vibration features that provide an immersive gaming experience. You want more than a comfortable chair for your game corner.

Gaming Console Storage 

If your small game room is a dedicated video gaming hub, then you’ll need an efficient storage system. Game consoles, joysticks, remote controls, and video game cases will need to be kept organized. 

  • Exposed Storage – the most popular storage solution for gaming rooms is a shelf system with open cubby compartments. This style allows you to see what’s inside each compartment without having to remove its contents.
  • Enclosed Storage – this storage style is popular with gaming rooms that offer more than just video game entertainment. Enclosed storage allows you to keep video game items out of sight from those who would rather look at them. 

Vintage Game Room

Conversation area around gaming machines
Create a conversation area with comfortable seating. (Photo by Holger Obenaus)

If you’re fortunate, your child will grow out of video games. It might seem rare, but it does happen. And when it does, happen you want to be prepared, and that’s where pinball machines can save the day.

With a pinball machine setup, you can take advantage of natural light sources. Instead of virtual windows use real windows. This example also illustrates how furniture can impact a game room. As pinball machines line one wall, the center seating area doesn’t crowd the entire space.

Sports Theme Game Room

Modern biliard room wall art
Give the room a themed look using wall art

If you like sports, keep your game room design simple. Framed athletic jerseys would be the ideal wall art for a sports-themed game room. In this example, the pool table is the focal point. LED spotlights provide light in all the right places.

Consider turning basement into a gaming room
Turn your basement into an entertainment area

This game room example would be suitable for young, active teenagers. 

Virtual Video Game Room

Favorite game features
Include your favorite games and features. For example, a golf simulator (Photo by Nicole Hogarty Designs)

Check out the virtual golf gaming console. Many people would see this setup as a slice of heaven. There’s even a window nook where can sit and watch your friends play video golf.

Recreational Game Room Ideas

Here are a few ideas for a game room design-centered multi-recreational spaces that feature physical and board games.

Las Vegas Style Game Room

Think on the ceiling light when decorate a gaming room
Add drama to the room with accent lighting and bold colors

This layout is inspired by the Las Vegas lifestyle. Slot machines offer adult entertainment on one wall, while computer games offer entertainment for youngsters. A shuffleboard table allows kids and adults opportunities to play with each other.

Lighting is the key feature of this space as it sets the mood and ambiance. RGB LED strip lights positioned in the corners add character and flair.

A small dining table in the middle functions as a space to enjoy food or board games.

Vibrant Game Room

Spread furniture around
Spread the furniture throughout the room for comfortable use. (Photo by CHC Creative Remodeling)

This game room might have it all. Foosball table, pool table, and a poker table in the corner. The only thing missing is a ping pong table. The entire room offers a warm feel that’s created by a wood floor and LED lights.

Game Room Ideas On A budget

Comfortable couch media room
The two areas remain separated while still being part of the same room.

Create a space where you can play your favorite game or watch movies. The focal point here is the large leather couch that offers a warm room feel. With a large viewing screen, you need a comfortable couch for the whole family.

This setup could work double duty as you would have enough room to host movie nights. Wall sconces provide the best lighting for movie watching and help create an immersive experience.

Safari Theme Game Room

Black gaming room wall accents
Choose a simple color palette but create eye-catching contrasts. (Photo by by John Jenkins)

Even though it’s obvious what the focal point is, we’ll say it anyway: zebra skin floor rug. If you can afford this game room layout, then you could go on an African hunting safari and kill a zebra so you could make your own zebra skin rug. Why not right?

Retro Chic Game Room

French doors for game room
Make good use of the natural light coming through the windows. (Photo by Julie Soefer)

Floor to ceiling windows turns this room into a natural light wonder. Instead of a wood floor, go with a carpet color that compliments the game room’s decor.

Modern Game Room Design

Basement home bar design
Brick walls will give the room a man cave-like look. (Maxine Schnitzer Photography)

This game room setup offers a modern and stylish decor. There isn’t a rule that says you have to fill your entire space. The focal point here isn’t the ice hockey table, but rather the four retro style chairs surrounded by a brown leather ottoman.

Game Room Soundproofing Ideas

Narrow Gaming Room 819x1024

Listening to the sounds of video games every day would only cause more problems. The idea of a game room is to provide relief and relaxation, not create more stress. You’ll need to put some effort into soundproofing your game room. 

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a cheap and easy way to soundproof a game room. All you do is put them on a wall where they’ll absorb noise. The panels also reduce echoes and noise that bounce off of the interior walls.

Here are the most common acoustic foam panels:

  • Flat Acoustic Foam Panel
  • EggCrate Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Wedges Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Grid Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Corner Bass Trap Foam Panel

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation protects your home from outside noise. If you live in an area that has high noise pollution and you want to enjoy a movie in your game room without being disturbed, then fiberglass insulation would be a good idea. The insulation will also help reduce your energy bills.

Install Soundproof Drywall

If you want to go all out and you have the time and budget, drywall would be the most reliable option. There are two types of drywall. The first one is standard drywall, which is thin and used for most game rooms.

The second option is soundproof drywall. The material is designed to block noise from above the floor. 

Soundproof Tiles 

If you soundproof your game room with tiles, be prepared to spend money. However, once they’re installed, you’ll see where that extra money went. The tiles require careful installation. If you don’t know to install them, you may want to enlist a professional to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is A Game Room Worth It?

Adding a game room to your home is a win-win. A game room serves many purposes. It’s not just a fun place for your children to play online video games. While your kids are at school, you can use the room as a personal DIY home command center to help jumpstart a side hustle.

How Much Does A Game Room Cost?

Game rooms cost between $3,000 to $34,000. The cost depends on whether you’re using existing furnishings, creating an unfinished space, or building a new addition to your home.

Also, your game room design hinges on what kind of games you like to play. If you want a pool table, you’ll need more space than you would for regular arcade games.

How Much Space Do You Need For An Arcade Machine?

Pinball machines require 30 inches in width by 54 inches in depth. Depending on the machine, heights can range from 48 inches to 96 inches. For more movement, a player would need a minimum of 36 inches in front of the machine and 20 inches on each side for elbow room. Arcade games are ideal for rooms that have plenty of back wall space.

What Color Temperature Is Best For Gaming?

Cool light of at least 6,500K emitted by monitors or RGB lighting is the best color temperature for gaming. It can be used to improve focus during gameplay and delay end of the day fatigue.

How Big Is A Game Room?

A room that is 12 feet by 12 feet would be big enough to support most gaming hobbies. If you want a room for playing pool or for a home theatre, you’ll want to have more space than these dimensions will allow

Game Room Ideas Conclusion

A game room can be anything you want. The space isn’t restricted to video games. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t read in a video game room, for example. You could use the walls to showcase your book collection or personal photos.

With video game room ideas, let your imagination run wild. You want to create a space that’s fun for the whole family. Whether you like playing video games or arcade games, the space should be a fun destination for adults, teenagers, and kids.

To create a soothing atmosphere, a comfortable couch, large viewing screen, and ambient lighting would do the trick. However, don’t be afraid to try unique lighting ideas if you want to achieve something different.

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