Are You Paid What You’re Worth? No? Keep Reading.


I attribute my inspiration for this post to Inu Etc’s post: I’m messed up and I need a job.

Inspiration reason 1: Inu’s transparency. Here’s a chap who shows us his math (his reason for asking for help). Asking for help are often the most difficult steps one takes on their journey to living a full, robust, rewarding life. How so? Three decades of private-practice asking this in-take question: When did you realize you needed help. Between the moment you realize you need help and the moment you actually ask for help all depends on how critical said help is. True? Ignore asking for help for too long and guess what! The help needed will cost far more (time, money, reputation, etc.) than what you would have paid if you asked for help sooner.

Inspiration reason 2: Inu continues to post his wit and wisdom on even though (as he starts off his post):

Medium is not monetized (since I’m from India).

His passion (tenacity?) to be of service – to keep posting — inspiring. Since his first post on Medium in 2018 he’s racked up over 2K followers.

Inu’s post also captured my attention cause it popped up so high in my feed after clearing my read history. Since I hadn’t followed Inu to flavor medium’s suggestion algorithm — how this appeared in my member feed intrigues me. Is Inu’s post promoted because of the 100+ comments to his call to action — to find a job? Of note — 95% of the comments wished him well or advised he keep with it. My comment directly answers his call to find an income producing activity. To get paid, I invited Inu to ask three questions. Depending on the answers to those three questions Inu may become the newest Soul University (SU) paid teaching assistant. (As you already guessed, my comment to Inu’s post inspired this post.)

Next? A short backstory.

My backstory plays an important part in why I ask almost everyone I meet are you paid what you’re worth. Hang in there. Simply put? I’m raising funds to launch a company to care for caregivers.

  • Business plan? Overview? Done.
  • Capital amount to launch? Calculated.
    When 50,505 people pay $99.00 a month for 12 months (to take a life-changing class) I have the funds necessary to properly launch CGLL. Yup — it’s a year-long class.
  • Heads-up! Out of the $99.00 monthly participant paid subscription fee I pay $49.50 (each month) to my teaching assistants. Why do I split the monthly class fee with teachings assistants (who might just be you one day)? When you inspire others to take a life-changing journey I pay you for your help. What your paycheck looks like is 100% up to you. I suggest you begin at $1200.00 a month.


The funds I raise by teaching classes go to launching CareGiver LifeLine® (CGLL).

So you see, while I raise funds to birth a service that’ll extend the health (thus life) of caregivers I simultaneously pay people to learn and grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

Backstory done.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Now — three questions I invite YOU to ask anyone are:

1. Overall — are you paid what you’re worth? Yes or no?

More specifically — on average — are you paid enough attention? Time? Respect? Money? Yes or no.

If you answer yes to the first question — super. No more questions. Good for you! Nine out of ten answer — no — to our first question.

If you answer NO to the first question — ask the second question.

2. Do you want to be paid what you’re worth? Yes? No?

Sounds like a silly questions — right? Who — in their right mind — would say, “No thanks, I’m happy being paid less than what I’m worth.” Guess what. There’s plenty of people who say NO to this question. How?

  • Work a j.o.b. they hate to barely survive — day to day.
  • Allow others to disrespect them in some form or fashion.
  • Allow others to ignore (take fore-granted) your worth based on some social / cultural creature such as race, sex, gender, age, ability, socio-economic status, etc.


If you answer yes — YES — I want to be paid what I’m worth — our last question?

3. When? When do you want to be paid what you’re worth.

If you answer — NOW! Then it’s time you register for SU’s 12 month class: Pay Me What I’m Worth. This one-of-a-kind workbook is 10 chapters long with one or two unique, challenging exercises per chapter. Please do sample actual classes — for free — here.

Learn how you are — right now — paid exactly what you’re worth by the way you discount your time, skills, reputation, health, relationships and sense of self esteem.

Learn how your worth is far more than a bank balance.

How much do you want to be paid to learn how to say YES to: “Are you paid what you’re worth?”

If you (a potential teaching assistant) set your fee at a minimum of $99.00 per month, you’ll earn a minimum of $490.00 a month. How? Minimum class size begins at 10 people ready to take a 12 month adventure. Click this link to access a google spreadsheet to run your own calculations. In just a couple minutes you’ll quickly learn what it’ll take to earn what you wish to earn.

Next steps? Before you ask folks are you paid what you’re worth to discover if they’re ready to take a life-enhancing class, got eight minutes? Check out this video.

OR — click this link to view / download our class program guide.

When you’re ready to explore if you’re destined to join Soul University’s paid teaching assistant program — I suggest the following steps.

  1. Pick one week to ask people a) are you paid what you’re worth? No? B) do you want to be paid what you’re worth? Yes? C) When?


Customize your approach to fit your personality. For example, I tell people I’m doing an informal longitudinal survey regarding a person’s sense of worth. I have three questions requiring a one-word answer. No names needed. Are you game?

In one week’s time you’ll quickly discover if you’ve got the kind of personality that naturally inspires people to be interested in taking a class with you — as a paid teaching assistant.

2. In one weeks time if you easily attract a minimum of 10 yes’s — people ready, willing and able to pay the fee you set (a fee that meets your needs) — let’s talk. SU will:

  • collect fees
  • mail books
  • scheduling class times
  • teach classes — and
  • most importantly — pay you for helping us raise funds to launch CareGiver LifeLine®.


Bowing in gratitude — to you — for taking the time to explore three life-changing questions.

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