An Array of Hedgehogs

3 teachers who connect with me on Instagram made mention or requested something for hedgehogs recently so I have made a few pages and resources for them and their students - I hope you like them too!

Did you know that a group of hedgehogs is called an array? That is just perfect for helping your little learners see numbers in equal rows and columns. If you've been playing Hedgehogs are Hiding you can engage your students by telling them that the hedgehogs are now brave and ready to come out into the classroom to get faster with counting! Putting things in lines (repeated addition) can make it faster for us to count! 3, 3, 3 and 3 makes 4 equal groups of 3, which makes 12!

I've written an action rhyme for you to further engage your students - and integrate reading, language, action and classroom management. 

Your students can roll dice after they learn it to make an array.

  • roll 2 dice
  • use one for the number of rows
  • use one for the number of columns
  • make an array
  • find the total
  • encourage students to label the array - verbally or with a drawing in their math journal or written number sentence - e.g. 3 rows of 2 make 6 altogether. 

If you've been using pattern blocks in other math activities recently - use those to make an array. Tell your students the green triangles are hedgehogs. 

Find this action rhyme over in our TpT store!

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