90 Fascinating Before And After Beard Pics, As Shared By Guys Who Ditched The Razor And Let It Grow Wild And Free

The effect of seeing a smooth-faced person come out from the shadows sporting a full-fledged beard is undeniable. Think about the first time we, as a society, saw what wonders a handful of tactically-shaped hair on Keanu Reeves or Chris Hemsworth can do to already charming features. And don't get us started on George Clooney... Although, we still aren't sure about Prince Harry (then again, it's not totally surprising he was ordered to shave that 'thing' off his face).

Whether inspired by curiosity or the lack of razors, many men across the world have tried to see if their faces are suited to rock a sexy lumberjack look. Similar to leather jackets and Aviators, it's definitely not for everyone. But when a guy pulls it off, the world has to see it as well. And with that, dear pandas, we present to you a handful of men who let testosterone do its magic and showed us their transformations from baby-faced to stubbly.

#1 I Woke Up With A Hangover After The Article About My Personal Journey Went Viral Around The World. Before vs. After

Image credits: gwilymcpugh

#2 August 2014 vs. August 2018 Hard Work And Dedication. Passion, Not Aesthetics, Is The Best Motivation

Image credits: filippomelloni

#3 My Girlfriend Told Me: "Puberty Hit You Like A Truck"

Image credits: FlashTheorie

#4 Before And After. What Do You Think About My Transformation?

Image credits: dave.vendetta

#5 Beard vs. No Beard

Image credits: brandonborsch

#6 Before And After I Lost Weight, Grew A Beard, And Started Modeling In My 30s

Image credits: johnnyzli

#7 Before And After UPS Lifted The Beard Ban

Image credits: RatBastard57

#8 Before vs. After Of My Beard

Image credits: GSP2973

#9 Beard, Long Hair, And Gaining A Bit Of Weight Made All The Difference

Image credits: RedSquirrelFtw

#10 19-Year-Old vs. 20-Year-Old. Beard Has Been A Total Game Changer For Me

Image credits: mxdusza

#11 Before And After I Grew My Beard. Only Two Months Apart

Image credits: lil_nicker

#12 My Beard-Growing Journey. Month Zero To Nine Months

Image credits: enfofan

#13 Before And After

Image credits: IamTomSays

#14 A Little Less Weight And A Little More Beard. My Before And After

Image credits: dustinkdkl

#15 Pandemic Beard

Image credits: poonchinello

#16 So Here's My Identical Pose Before And After. Left Or Right?

Image credits: beardarmor

#17 Which Looks Better On Me? Before vs. After

Image credits: Boring-Ad4355

#18 Beard Or No Beard? Be Honest Please, Because I Want To Know The Cold Truth

Image credits: Sulth

#19 The Joy Of Growing It Again

Image credits: Paul_Cinnabunyan

#20 7 Month Beard Progress. For All My Slower Growing Homies Out There

Image credits: coltise

#21 Just Let It Grow. 1 Year Ago vs. Today

Image credits: Jack__Fearow

#22 Me Exactly 5 Years Ago vs. Me Today. I Grew A Beard, Lost Some Weight, And Got Confidence. The Decision To Grow A Beard 2 Years Ago Was A Major Win

Should the Viking let his magnificent beard grow longer?

Image credits: valva-iama

#23 Before And After. Exactly 4 Years Apart

Image credits: raytreflip

#24 From 2014 To 2020. I Lost A Leg But Acquired A Beard. Starting To Feel More Positive And Optimistic Than Ever

Image credits: stalnoypirat

#25 These Photos Are Exactly 1 Year Apart

Image credits: logankendell

#26 Beard Or No Beard?

Image credits: oldmatethegreat

#27 Here's A Before And After Of My Beard

Image credits: HarleyPlays

#28 6 Months Of Growth. October To Today

Image credits: DirectorOne

#29 Still A Work In Progress But I Grew Myself A Chin

Image credits: OWN1883

#30 Here's My 5 Months Progress. I Absolutely Love My Beard And Hair

Image credits: Codeeena

#31 I Grew A Beard And Changed The Hairstyle. Small Changes Big Differences

Image credits: Brownfudge27

#32 My Face And Beard Comparison Before vs. After

Image credits: taylortrees

#33 Around 7 Months Of Growth And The Longest I've Ever Let It Grow. Not Sure If I'll Be Able To Let It Keep Going During The Summer Or Not, But I Just Want A Big Viking Beard

Image credits: Neat_Peak1878

#34 Before And After Quarantine

Image credits: 119258

#35 Before And After. Zero Trim

Image credits: LycanVan

#36 Just Hit 6 Months Of Growth, And Really Contemplating Going Back To The Mustache Only

Image credits: digbaddyjack

#37 I Lost 230 Lbs And Gained A Beard To Cover Up My Turkey Neck Of Loose Skin

Image credits: twiztedtrav

#38 Beardless And With A Beard

Image credits: brendenbryant

#39 I Used A Product For Hair Growth, And This Is The Result. Before Minox vs. One Year Of Minox

Image credits: orfi95

#40 Almost 3 Months After The Last Time I Shaved

Image credits: StavitheNob

#41 I Lost Some Weight But, I Gained A Beard. First Time I've Been Under 200 Lbs Since I Was In My 20s. Loving The Beard Too

Image credits: Beerbrewing

#42 Today After A Long Time Of Insecurity With My Hair Loss, I Decided To Cut It All Off And Grow A Thicker Beard. I Recommend It To Anyone Who Needs A Boost In Confidence

Image credits: Purplesnakeemi

#43 I Was So Close To Getting Accurate Before And After Photos. 3 Months In

Image credits: LoganMWells

#44 Beard Evolution. 8 Weeks After Shaving

Image credits: cgferreira

#45 Where Would I Be Without My Beard?

Image credits: Kooky-Warning

#46 Beardless And With A Beard. Which Looks Better?

Image credits: dbano

#47 I Had A Hair Loss But Acquired A Beard

Image credits: lukeman3000

#48 I Decided Two Years Ago To Let It All Just Grow Out

Image credits: Toysolja13

#49 My Before And After. Beards Are Really A Makeup For Men

Image credits: FastEddie36

#50 My Face Before And After I Grew A Beard

Image credits: jlcurtis4

#51 Nine Months Of Growth

Image credits: dpcasey74

#52 Here's A Before And After Shot Of When I Didn't Have A Beard To Now

Image credits: q_u_i_r_k

#53 Before And After. First Time Growing A Beard

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 My Beard Advice: Let It Grow

Image credits: HombreDomZ

#55 I'm 26 Years Old And First Time Growing A Beard

Image credits: jay-b88

#56 Before And After. I Grew A Beard And Shaved My Hair For A Charity

Image credits: kostilicious42

#57 Loving What The Beard Has Done For Me

Image credits: Trlouden

#58 The Difference A Beard Makes

Image credits: GuruKannak

#59 Patchy Beards Start To Look Less Patchy As You Let It Grow. 1 Month To A 5.5 Months

Image credits: Kanitzo

#60 I'm Never Going Clean Shaven Again. Before vs. After

Image credits: Cottonsoft

#61 My 6 Months Beard Growing Journey

Image credits: phvianna

#62 I've Been Growing This Beard Since September

Image credits: tittyglidefxd

#63 Weak Chin? No Problem. Grow A Beard

Image credits: Kkonabur

#64 I Didn't Think I Was Able To Grow A Beard, But I Did. Before And After

Image credits: WinSomeDimSum

#65 I Decided To Grow A Beard, And I'm Really Happy With It

Image credits: GinoBrowsingTheWeb

#66 3 Months Into The Beard Progress Pictures

Image credits: txby432

#67 Still Going Strong On The Beard, But I Found A Picture Of My Stubblier Beard, And It's Probably My Best Form

Image credits: LucefieD

#68 This Is The Difference Between Weeks And Months. If You Want To Know If You Should Keep It Or Shave It, Then Let It Grow And Keep It Neat

Image credits: Psychofanatical

#69 I'm Starting Growing My Big Beard Back. Before And After

Image credits: bandholz

#70 This Is Why I Don't Shave

Image credits: rukbukus

#71 Before And After. Google Photos Made Me A "Progress Pictures"

Image credits: dicarbondioxide101

#72 I Shouldn't Have Waited So Long To Grow A Beard. I Look Like Two Different People

Image credits: Sirguydude

#73 I Never Grew A Beard Because My Ex Thought It Was Too Thin. I Gave It A Shot After We Split, And Had Nothing But Compliments Since. Let It Grow, Boys

Image credits: coleisgreat

#74 Should I Keep It Long Or Go Back To A Shorter Trim?

Image credits: swiggy_swuut

#75 My Beard Before And After

Image credits: Hipster_Bird

#76 My Beard Growth Pattern At 23 vs. 28 Years Old. It Just Shows That There's A Hope Even For The Latest Of Bloomers

Image credits: folklore

#77 Which Suits Me Better Beard Or Scruff? I'm Curious

Image credits: TopKindheartedness19

#78 To Beard, Or Not To Beard? That Is The Question

Image credits: NMHFan

#79 How It Was vs. How It's Going

Image credits: PhromundaChees

#80 Here's A Motivation For Those On The Beard Journey

Image credits: ltzonda

#81 Considering A Clean Face For Summer. Yes Or No?

Image credits: tomthetrucker93

#82 I Used Minox For Years Without Success And Ended Up Shaving It All Off. I Added A Beard And Just Went For A Complete Different Look. I'm Happy With It

Image credits: mrjoshmateo

#83 4 Month Before And After. I Haven't Grown A Beard Before, So I Was Feeling Pretty Accomplished

Image credits: Vape-N-Gape

#84 My Beard Before And After

Image credits: fdasfasdfasdfui93428

#85 I Lost Some Weight, Grew A Beard, And Feel Better Than I Have In My Entire Adult Life

Image credits: mikencapo

#86 I'm Glad To See Some Beard Growth. 1 Year And 1 Month

Image credits: sam1k

#87 Before And After My Beard. About Six Months But Constantly Trimmed

Image credits: srroberts07

#88 I Had To Wear An N95 For Work, So I Had To Shave My Beard

Image credits: AlexPappas66

#89 33-Year-Old Math Teacher Here. I Decided To Shave My Head Bald And Grow A Goatee After Months Of Being Insecure About My Receding Hairline

Image credits: lonetroper

#90 In A Society That Profits From Your Self Doubt, Liking Yourself Is A Rebellious Act. Before vs. After

Image credits: wasaytanweer