7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables

7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables

Attention all Kindergarten teachers looking for a new winter read: look no further than Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright! This charming tale follows the adventures of a snowman named Sneezy who can’t seem to get warm. We have 7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables to guide learning.

What is Sneezy the Snowman About?

But every time Sneezy the Snowman tries to play, he gets too cold. His friends try to help him find a solution, but alas, when he warms up, he melts. This heartwarming story is not only a delightful read for the season of winter, but it also teaches kids about how water change form and the water cycle. (You can grab this book here on Amazon.)

As a teacher, you can use Sneezy the Snowman as a lesson jumping-off point. Plus, it’s just an adorable story that your students will love. So go on, be the coolest (or should we say, “snow-est”) teacher on the block and add Sneezy the Snowman to your winter lesson plans with these 7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables.

Sneezy the Snowman Reading and Vocabulary

We begin by reading this book together. I read the book to the class, and my students partner up and discuss the book with their reading partner. When we get to a new word we may not know, I stop and ask the reading partners to think about what that word may mean. I listen to see if we have an understanding of this word or if we have misconceptions.

Then, we discuss the vocabulary from the book and what it actually means using vocabulary cards. I am able to correct misconceptions with ease since I know what my little learners are thinking. Next, I make sure I read that section of the book to the class again so we get a full understanding.

Sneezy the Snowman Sequencing

Next, we read the book or retell the book using sequencing cards. I do not expect my learners to recall all the events after reading the book one or two times. Instead, we use the book for prompting and support. We make sure that the events go in order and make sense. We can double-check ourselves.

If time permits, we can allow the students to use the sequencing cards to complete their own sequencing sheet to practice.

Sneezy the Snowman Reading Comprehension Game

Another great Sneezy the Snowman Activity and Printable is this reading comprehension game. We love to play this game in small groups so I get to work with a handful of learners to practice this together. Students start at the beginning. They answer a reading comprehension question to roll a dice to advance across the game board.

Integrating Science Ideas

One of the best features of this book is the science integration. Sneezy the Snowman gets so cold that he does things to warm up, which causes him to melt. We look at this idea and introduce cause and effect with the book. Of course, this isn’t hard for the little learners but what a powerful integration into The Water Cycle.

Writing Integration with Sneezy the Snowman

Another one of our 7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables is writing integration. We can use writing activities to build connections to the book. Above, we have a “How To” writing prompt students can write about. Below, we have a fun activity where students can restate how Sneezy melted or can say a new way they could make Sneezy melt.

Word Work for Sneezy

We always practice word work daily. CVC words and sounding out words is a daily skill to practice to build independence. We change the theme up so that students can be interested while they are working. For this themed activity, we use snowmen and hats to match CVC words.

7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables

Another key to engagement is the integration of math for 7 Sneezy the Snowman Activities and Printables. Since a solution in the book is to each ice cream with seven scoops, students can work on number sense to make with cones and scoops.

Another option could be simple addition with these cones. Students can color in the cones to make the number sentence.

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