55 Universally-Hated Things That People Say Don’t Deserve The Hate

There’s always something we don’t like. I can’t stand the taste of beetroots, while my best friend is basically allergic to licorice. Food is just one category where people often express their dislikes, but we see the same bursts of loathing anywhere from the animal kingdom to leisure activities. A relative of mine couldn’t stand stepping into a boat, or rather even the thought of it.

But when you stop and think about the things humans address their hate towards, you start wondering about the reasons why. Maybe we’re simply scared of the unknown (yes, tarantulas, we’re speaking of you!) or maybe it’s our past experiences that haunt us to this day.

In any case, today is the perfect time to step back and reflect on these things. Thanks to these two thought-provoking Reddit threads (here and here) where people listed all the things that don’t deserve the hate they get, we have a lot to uncover!


Cats! They’re constantly vilified but if treated right they’re lovely companions. Cats aren’t “a**holes”.

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People turning down alcohol

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Everything teenage girls like. They get hate for liking girly stuff, they get hate for being 'not like other girls', they get hate for being 'fake-geeks', they get hate for liking edgy stuff.

Just let teenage girls like stuff.

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Actors who played characters that people didn’t like.

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People don't deserve hate they give themselves when they are not doing too good at the moment.

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Feminism. It doesn’t mean that women are better than men, it means women are *equal* to men. And because I believe everyone should be equal, I am proud to say I am a feminist

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It's significant for human evolution and society as a whole.

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Masks. It’s for our own good

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Black cats

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here’s a big two:

any animals that are seen as automatically evil or bad. some example would be wolves, black cats, sharks, snakes, etc. these same thoughts cause those animals and more to be harmed and hunted simply for the belief that they are bad/bring bad omen. it’s sad to see.

sleeping with stuffed animals. listen, i’m not scared to say that i happily cuddle to sleep with my stuffed bbs. they make me feel safe and secure, and that’s something i’ll probably never grow out of.

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Pineapple on pizza

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Am I allowed to say country music? Like I don’t even listen to it, but whenever someone says they like country music, someone else is gonna gag in their face. A lot of it is formulaic, but so is pop. And most hit songs of any genre. And there’s also decent country music. The root of modern pop is country rock. Music snobs need to take a seat on this one.

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People who don’t drive (in the US)

I am still learning to drive at 22 because of anxiety and I can’t count the amount of times people gave me s**t for it.

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Sure, they aren't the best band in history, but they don't deserve the meme-like status they've received.

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Homeless people. It doesnt matter how they lost their home, it doesnt matter if they suffer from an addiction, it doesnt matter if they have a job or not. People have unspoken challenges that you dont know about, and they may have never happened to you, and its none of your damn business why theyre homeless. Housing should be considered a human right, and the fact this is still up for debate bothers me. I've seen how small bachelor pads can get, people really dont need much to survive.

Also, people act as if housing being a human right somehow infringes on their ability to buy property, when it doesnt. It just means those that are less fortunate literally just *CANT* be homeless and would be accommodated with the basics for human survival like running water, power, insolated walls and a bed. The fact that housing has been treated as profitable to exploit the lower class, is the reason we have homeless people. Not because of your pre-conceived idea of their life you know nothing about.

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Child cartoons. Some are actually really good, even as an adult.

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Fast food worker’s... they ain’t machines. They are just trying to get through the day like everyone else!. Keep it up y’all


MSG has gotten a bad rap but there really is nothing wrong with it.


Religious people who are actually chill and not crazy.


Fast food. It's just meant to be quick and edible, not healthy and sophisticated. And some days I'd rather wait 5 minutes in a McDonald's than spend an hour cooking for myself.


Broccoli. On its own its not tasty...when I say that I mean it doesnt have much taste at all...yet people make it out to be devils food. But once you use it in a soup or spice it up with something on the side it tastes good.

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Seriously, it's just people trying not to hurt animals.

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Meteorologists. They try their best to predict the weather based on patterns, models, and data. They're not perfect because predicting the weather is insanely difficult. When they get it wrong, I think we should go easy on them. It was probably an outlier result almost no one could have foreseen.

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Opossums. They're neat little critters. They eat tons of ticks that carry Lyme disease, (mostly) don't carry rabies because their body temp is too low, and they're the only marsupial native to North America! They get a bad rap because their first defense is to hiss and bare teeth, but failing that, they just play dead.

If you don't have the predisposition to hate them, you'll find they're pretty cute too.

E: this is about /opossums/, the north American species.

Kiwis, I feel for you, but this comment isn't about your possums.

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Lady Gaga. She is a very talented vocalist and pianist. People act like she is the worst musician in the history of the world and hate on her so much because she uses clothing as part of her performances.


Can I say Coldplay?

I love them.

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Furries. They are a bit weird, but completely harmless. Especially compared with many other subcultures nowadays.


Puns, everyone always acts like they're so cringey when secretly, I think we all know how great they are


The banjo, people only associate it with bluegrass and therefore not many people like the instrument. But when playing other styles it actually sound very nice and interesting.


Swear words. Not to be confused with slurs.
Swears are fine and a great way to express yourself at times.


Introverts in the workplace

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Fat. It's sugar that's what's killing us.


Karen as a name, not a personality.

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Spiders. They're one of the backbones of the earth's ecosystem because they prey on so many pests, but people hate them because they're creepy-looking and occasionally dangerous if provoked.


Pumpkin Spice. It gets associated as "generic white girl s**t" but goddammit that s**t is tasty! I look forward to every fall when pumpkin spice comes back.

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The Prius. Rock solid, reliable, cheap on gas, and, as of the 3rd gen, average performance. Lots of storage and utility. People love to hate it. People always want to be in front of it, even if they intend to go slower than it was. Everybody that has a coal tune on their truck has to take a shot at rolling on it, and the list goes on.

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SPAM (the canned SPiced hAM product, not trash email). I make SPAM musubi about three times a year. At least once a year, my family has fried SPAM sandwiches for supper. We would probably have it more often if it wasn't so expensive.


Vanilla ice cream, it's alright to like it!

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People who hate popular things just because they're popular/mainstream are ridiculous.


Customer service associates.

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Knitwear, some people find it itches and stings but it's actually pretty comfy when you wear sth else under it

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Unemployed people. A lot of people genuinely are looking for work and did not want to lose their last job/it was beyond their control (like a layoff) but they get so much hate and called lazy by most people. I know too many unemployed people that are actually really trying hard. They definitely aren’t lazy. (Not saying lazy unemployed people don’t exist, but to be fair, so do lazy employed people too lol)


Simon Cowell, at least back in the day when American Idol was huge in the US. People always called him mean, but from what I could tell he was basically right all the time, and he didn't sugar coat things because he had to make up for every other judge sugar coating their feedback so much. There were probably instances of him taking things too far, but I never saw that myself.

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Wolves they are always the villian of the story but in real life they are scared of humans and they have every right. Just a few weeks ago a lot people killed a lot of wolves because its "wolf season" or something that of sorts. These creatures are very misunderstood and yeah they are big and can kill a human but it won't unless its hunrgy or threated. A long time ago, there was a wolf hunt in europe killing a lot of wolves. They are beautiful creatures, strong, fast, loyal to their pack, and very protective of their pack.


Natural red hair


Guy Fieri, he literally is the nicest person in the world but since he looks like he was electrocuted by mountain dew people want to saw his head off


Beans on toast. Had a rough day? Beans on toast! Partner being difficult? Beans on toast? Kids ? Beans on toast



I'd rather be an optimist who's occasionally wrong than a pessimist who's always right.

I think optimism needs space to breathe and grow.


they're insanely humble and talented people who unfortunately have an annoying fanbase


Honestly, I think Reddit gets more hate than it should. Don’t get me wrong, the company itself has a lot of problems, but I feel like there’s this persisting stereotype that Reddit is just a bunch of edgy incels, and it’s just not true anymore (if it ever was). Sure, there are some bad subreddits out there, but mostly what I see, especially in the bigger subreddits, is a really diverse user base in age, experience, and identity.


Police officers. Sure there are the occasional that go on power trips, but there are far more just doing their job. And chances are that the only reason you had a bad experience with one is because you were doing something wrong to begin with.

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Nuclear energy. Of the 3 big nuclear accidents (Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island), two of those designs are no longer in use at any plant, and none of the designs have been used to build any new plants in decades. The entire industry has been made far safer as a result of learning from past mistakes and it is now the greenest of energies. But many people are still adamantly anti-nuclear.


Be it minecraft or fortnight or roblox or whatever, there always seems to be a game out which it is fashionable to s**t all over just because a certain group of people you find personally annoying enjoy.

Sure, I find the minecraft build tutorials narrated by someone who hasn't blown their nose once in their 14 years of life annoying, but you know what he's putting it out there and good on him.


Snakes, okay *some* snakes. I can understand a fear or phobia of snakes because we're instinctually afraid of them. Even if you're not scared of them, if you touch or see a snake you'll probably get a shiver up your spine or get goosebumps since they were a big problem for our race WAY back when. Hating snakes though? most of them leave you alone and mind their business as long as you mind yours.