5 Reasons You Should Buy More Brain Games For Kids

Did you know that young children begin to realize their potential as early as 4 years old? 

For most kids, brain games are engaging and a great source of fun. When exposed to these games at an early age, young children start to think and learn easily. 

Apart from having fun, children benefit much while playing brain games. According to International Psychogeriatrics,  brain games and board games help in sharpening thinking skills in both children and adults.

 These skills include; memory, fast reaction, processing speed, language development, and decision making.

So, here are 5 reasons you should buy more brain games for kids, especially in the summer:

1. Help in Training their Memory

This involves helping kids store information into their mind and be able to retrieve it. 

The basics of memory training are repetition, imagination, association, and energy. When kids play brain games severally, the techniques of playing the game stick in their mind. A great game to help with pattern recognition and pre-planning is Rummikub.

Rummikub is a family favorite in our household! I used to play it with my grandparents and now my kids enjoying playing it with their grandmother and great grandmother. It develops STEM and STEAM skills while enhancing their ability to think about sequences, patterns, and strategy.

Brain games like Rummikub can also take a kid to the world of imaginations. This helps in improving their imagination skills. Such imagination skills boost their memory and help them remember most things that they learn from people and the environment.

Moreover, while playing brain games, a kid can invest much energy which helps in activating their brains. The more they use their brains, the stronger their memory becomes.

Grab Rummikub on Amazon, Staples, and your local Walmart.

2. Enhance Their Problem-Solving Skills

Brain games such as crossword and puzzle can boost a kid’s problem-solving skills. In puzzle games, the child is required to think about what moves to make to win. 

Kids play this with games with great determination to win. Winning makes the game more enjoyable. This in turn makes them more creative.

In most cases, children who are exposed to brain games between 2 to 5 years tend to understand Math concepts easily than those who didn’t. 

3. Improve their Analytical Thinking

 Brains games are tricky and they require the child to analyze their ideas when playing. For example; a game like Sequence makes the child be organized and think about strategy. It also helps them become more familiar with a regular deck of playing cards. The colored chips make it lots of fun too! My 10 year old likes to pretend he’s playing Poker when we play Sequence.

Sequence is a fast-paced game where you play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you successfully have five in a row, it’s a Sequence!

Each player or team tries to score the required number of five-card sequences before their opponents, but it’s easy enough for children ages 7 and up while still being fun and engaging for adults!

This excising game develops STEM skills like strategy and allows them to learn more about the game techniques and how to make decisions quickly.

When a child with these skills is faced with real problems, they can think critically and solve the problems quickly.  Sequence is a great game to help them learn that! Our kids love it and you’ll be surprised how much your kids will too!

Grab it on Amazon, or in your local Target, Kohls, and Walmart.

(You can get Sequence for kids ages 3-6 too!)

4. Develop their visual perception

Most game materials for kids have varied bright colors. A child is required to master what color fits where. This means that they will acquire the ability to differentiate colors and items.

Visual perception helps the child to give meaning to whatever they see in the surrounding. 

When the child progresses in age, they find it easy to learn colors and shapes. Their drawing skills develop quickly because they have good eye-hand coordination. 

Visual perception can also boost a child’s self- esteem and academic performance. 

5. Boost their concentration

Children find it hard to focus for a longer time as they get distracted very easily. 

Brain games such as riddles and chess for kids can help in enhancing the concentration span in young children.

While listening to a riddle, the child has to follow every word to ensure that they grasp everything. Long riddles can help in instilling the virtue of patience in kids. 

There are thousands of riddle games that can help a child develop better concentration skills. Check 120 Brain Teasers for Kids to find the most amazing riddles for your child. 

Thus, brain games are more than just having fun. Children can acquire a lot of skills when playing these games. These games can also be very helpful to children with ADHD. 

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