5 Low Prep Math Centers

 I love teaching math- but getting math centers ready can sometimes be a daunting task.  What if I told you it didn't have to be.  What if I told you, you could prep your math centers in under 5 minutes?  

No Prep Math Centers

I love to use manipulatives with my math centers.  The more hands-on my students are, the bigger chance they will be making connections and learning.  Math centers don't have to be complicated.  They can be as simple as dice a printable and pencils.

Some of my favorite math centers are Roll and Cover.  These centers are easy. Print the page you need, either place it in a plastic sleeve or laminate then add the required number of dice. BOOM- your center is done. What is great about this type of center is you can change out the game mat each week for new skills.

Roll and Cover Math Games

Roll and Cover the number
Cover It is another easy prep center.  For these centers, all you need is something like linking cubes to cover the numbers.  With these centers, students are searching for a specific, number or shape.

Free Math Game Number Recognition

Tracing- Number tracing is always a fun and engaging center.  Again just laminate or place in a sleeve and add a dry erase marker.  Students always need proper number formation practice.

Matching Centers are great for sensory bins or pocket charts.  With these centers, students find a card and count the number of items on the card.  Next, they need to find the matching number.  Finally, they can record it on the recording sheet for extra numeral writing practice.

Kindergarten Math Games

Bingo Daubers-
if you are brave enough to use bingo daubers in your classroom, Dab It activities are always engaging.  Students like using bingo daubers, so why not have a Dab It center.  For these, just print and add the bingo daubers.  Be sure to go over the proper usage of the daubers.

Dab it Math Game

If you want more low prep math centers, you can find them in this bundle in my TpT Shop.

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