2 Free Ladybug Printable Books

Use these ladybug printable books to explore literacy and math concepts with the kids. Be sure to check out even more printable books once you’re done here.

You can incorporate these ladybug books into your next insect theme or ladybug unit. Of course, you can also use them just because! Either way, a lot of early learning skills will be covered with the printable readers.

The ladybug emergent readers can be used as books you read to the kids, or as books to make with the children. You can even turn the free printable into counting mats for your math center if you prefer. Plus, you’re able to pair a variety of materials with the free readers.

Open printable reader with leaves and ladybugs, and text that reads Ladybug Printable Books

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As I mentioned above, the ladybug readers cover a variety of skills. Here are some the books touch on:

  • Reading directionality
  • Sight words
  • Number identification
  • Counting
  • One-to-one correspondence.

Not bad for one simple free printable, right?! You can get your own copy at the bottom of this email.

Ladybug Printable Books

With this download, you will get not just one, but two versions of a ladybug counting book! The first is colorful with ladybugs on the leaves to correspond with the number on the page. The second version is blank so the kids can color in the leaf drawings and add their own little ladybugs.

2 versions of printable ladybug books for preschool and kindergarten kids. Titles read Counting Ladybugs

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Feel free to print out either or both versions. If you’re short on time, the full-color version might suit you better. And you could send the kids home with the black-and-white books to work on at their leisure!

Printable Book Materials

As you may have expected, you really only need a printer and some paper to get going with the ladybug books. If you will be using these emergent readers for any extra activities, you may want to pop the pages through a laminator to protect them.

Here are some supplies you may choose to use along with your ladybug printable books, whether as books or for more hands-on activities. (I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post):

If you want to use extra little items with your books, feel free to use stand-ins for the leaves or ladybugs. Cut a few leaves out of construction paper and use any little red manipulatives for ladybugs. This allows the kids to extend the concepts they’re learning in a creative manner!

And don’t forget the fun ladybug books that will go right along with ladybug math:

How to Assemble the Ladybug Books

Let the kids help you with putting the books together, or you can get them ready ahead of time. They are simple to prepare, and just take a little bit of time to print out and organize.

child's hand coloring printable book with a green crayon. Page reads I can count 7 ladybugs

Print out the ladybug printable books (find it at the end of the post). Fold each paper in half, with the words facing out. This turns 6 pieces of printer paper into 12 pages of a mini book. Separate the pages, arrange them, and then staple the book along the left-hand side.

If you are a little confused about the process once you print out the pages, here is a quick video to show you how:

Keep in mind, you can reduce the number of pages in the book if you want!

Using the Books with Kids

Onto the fun part! To get started, have the kids write their names on the front of their book. For the first version of the book, you can go ahead and read the books with kids a few times. This will familiarize them with the concept and give them a little counting reinforcement.

child's hand pointing at words in printable book. Page reads: I can count 3 ladybugs

After that, you can pause as you read before each number and let them count along with you. Use some visual props if you’d like, adding whatever you are using as ladybugs as you read. Try reading the book from back to front to sneak in a little subtraction action!

With the blank books, let the kids color as you read through it, or wait until you’ve read it a few times and let them work independently. Here are a few ways the children can create the ladybugs in the black-and-white version:

  • Stickers
  • Fingerprint ladybugs
  • Red dot stamps
  • Freehand creations with crayons or markers

Would your students enjoy the ladybug printable books? Don’t forget to get your own copy a bit further down this post.

More Ladybug Activities

If the ladybug printable books were a hit with your students, they might enjoy these ideas as well:

Ladybug Lesson Plans

Let Preschool Teacher 101 save you a TON of planning time with fully-developed preschool resources. We have lesson plans, STEM challenges, digital games, math activities, literacy lessons, circle time songs, and much more.

Click on the image below to get our done-for-you ladybug lesson plans. It comes with weekly plans, detailed daily lesson plans, whole group activities, small group lessons, center ideas, book suggestions, and coordinating printables.

ladybug preschool lesson plans
Ladybug Lesson Plans

Here are a few more resources to save you time:

Ladybug Math Differentiated Number Sense Activities preschool resource cover.
Lady Bug Math Differentiated Number Sense Activities
One more one less math games cover
One More One Less math games
cover for number puzzles - counting to 30 preschool learning resource
Number Puzzles

You can also find us on Teachers Pay Teachers, if that’s your preference. And be sure to check out The Pack from Preschool Teacher 101, a membership site devoted to saving teachers like you a ton of planning time.

Get the Ladybug Printable Books

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2 versions of a preschool printable with text that reads Ladybug Printable Book

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