134 Unpopular Opinions Sure To Spark Debate

As the old saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” That’s not necessarily a negative, as you are entitled to form your own opinion on things, but that doesn’t mean what you say and believe is fact. Whatever your view on things is, it’s nothing more than your opinion, showcasing your belief system and the type of person you are. And while it would be nice if we could all agree on the same things, that’s never going to be the case, with everyone having a least a couple of unpopular opinions that will cause heated debate among your friends and family. 

The rise of social media has given every Tom, Dick, and Harry the opportunity to express their opinions in a public forum, which has led to more and more unpopular opinions being shared. Having a controversial opinion on something is fine, just as long as it doesn’t cross any boundaries and become offensive or derogatory. The following different opinions listed below stay away from those types of unpopular opinions and are a little lighter. They won’t end friendships or lead to a marriage breakdown, but these funny unpopular opinions will get your mates talking and provide some good banter the next time you are down the pub 

134 Unpopular Opinions Sure To Spark Debate


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1. Pineapple on pizza is acceptable. 

2. Running is an enjoyable hobby.

3. Vanilla ice cream tastes horrible.

4. It’s not weird to drink pickle juice out of the jar.

5. Sparking water is nothing more than “spicey water.” 

6. If you watch music videos it’s just the same as going to a concert.

7. Beer tastes disgusting. 

8. People who hate cats have an issue with women.

9. Weddings are boring.

10. Beyoncé is overrated

11. People who use tons of emojis are probably annoying in real life.

12. Marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper. 

13. People only drink gin because it’s trendy.

14. Nickleback is a great band. 

15. You can’t have too many baby showers.

16. Hot dogs are way better than burgers.

17. People who deliver food definitely judge their regulars.

18. Twitter is the best social media platform. 

19. David Attenborough is nothing more than a glorified voice-over artist.

20. Oatmeal and raisin are better than chocolate chip cookies.

21. Quentin Tarantino’s movies are overrated. 

22. An honest opinion is rarely honest.

23. Star Wars is really not that good. 

24. Cheese ruins flavorful dishes and should never be used in cooking.

25. People who don’t wear socks with shoes are poor planners.

26. “I love you” are just a few meaningless words. 

27. Picking your nose isn’t that gross.

28. Nuts and chocolate do not belong together.

29. Dick pics are sexy. 

30. Spending a whole day in bed isn’t a waste. 

31. Allergies are a sign of weakness.

32. People who wake up before dark to exercise are generally unpleasant.

33. Liver and opinions are one of the most underrated food combinations.

34. Marriage is an outdated concept that no longer works. 

35. All religions are just copies with a new name for the same god.

36. Living in the suburbs is better than living in the city.

37. Doing the ironing is a pointless chore.

38. People who work blue-collar jobs are uneducated.

39. Strawberries are gross. 

40. Linkedin is better for dating than Tinder.

41. The U.S. version of The Office is better than the U.K. version. 

42. Jamie Oliver is the most irritating man on earth.

43. Monogamy is an outdated concept that no longer works. 

44. Dumplings are terrible. 

45. Math is one of the most enjoyable subjects in school.

46. Friends is a be show than Seinfeld

47. Ice cream is disgusting. 

48. The majority of people who meet in high school and get married will get divorced. 

49. People who work in open office environments get sick more often.

50. Taking a bath is like sitting in a tepid pool of your own filth.

51. Los Angeles is a better city than New York. 

52. Star Trek fans are more annoying than Star Wars fans. 

53. Onion rings are better than french fries.

54. The selective breeding of English Bulldogs is cruel.

55. The United States is no longer a superpower. 

56. Different political opinions can make or break a relationship.

57. Taylor Swift is overrated. 

58. Political correctness is ruining comedy.

59. Brown sauce is better than tomato sauce. 

60. Swimming in the ocean is disgusting. 

61. Apple Music is better than Spotify.

62. Game of Thrones is overrated. 

63. There is no such thing as “love at first sight.”

64. People who claim to hate online bullying are often the ones who do it. 

65. Graveyards are peaceful places great for relaxing. 

66. If you’re a morning person you cannot be trusted.

67. Money can solve all your problems. 

68. Tattoos on your skin make you look like a deadbeat. 

69. Most online marketing advice only works if you’re selling marketing online.

70. The final season of Game of Thrones was great

71. Elon Musk is a role model. 

72. Marmite is better than Vegemite. 

73. Wild animals should never be raised in captivity. 

74. Dating apps are for ugly people. 

75. Baby on Board stickers on the back of cars are a waste of time.

76. Musicals are awful. 

77. J. K. Rowlings seems like a nice person. 

78. “You can’t buy happiness” is just something poor people say.

79. Ben Affleck is more likable than Matt Damon. 

80. Mint ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream.

81. The gym is full of narcissists. 

82. Drake is the most overrated rapper of the current generation.

83. Macs are better than PCs. 

84. Your food preferences say a lot about who you are.

85. Foo Fighters are better than Nirvana. 

86. Mushrooms taste disgusting. 

87. Shrek 2 is the worst film in the series. 

88. The Earth is flat. 

89. You only succeed in life if you have a college degree.

90. Fishing is an enjoyable hobby.

91. Olives are just disgusting.

92. Job searching can be fun.

93. Vegetables are better than fruit.

94. Driving in silence is better than driving with the radio on. 

95. Stephen King’s books are overrated and have terrible endings.

96. Androids are better than Apple iPhones. 

97. Video games are a waste of time. 

98. Pepsi tastes better than Coke. 

99. Brunch is overrated. 

100. Movie theater popcorn isn’t very good.

101. All brands of water taste the same.

102. There’s no reason to make your bed every morning.

103. Burger King is better than McDonald’s. 

104. Listening to podcasts is more enjoyable than listening to music. 

105. Fruit should never be cooked. 

106. Cats are better than dogs. 

107. Morning sex is overrated. 

108. Dunkin Donuts has better coffee than Starbucks.

109. Mayonnaise is the best condiment

110. Knowing a lot about one specific subject doesn’t make you smart.

111. Not every couple needs to have children. 

112. Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.

113. People care more about their wedding than their actual marriage. 

114. Christmas trees should be put up on December 1 and taken down on December 26. 

115. There is no need to change the current gun laws in America. 

116. Missionary is the best sex position. 

117. Waffles and pancakes are basically the same. 

118. It’s better to get up early than it is to stay up late.

119. Kids are not as amazing as people make them out to be.

120. Sweet potatoes are better than normal potatoes.

121. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. 

122. Showers at the end of the day are better than showers at the start of the day.

123. Bigger is not always better in the bedroom.

124. Cold pizza is better than hot pizza. 

125. Fall and winter are better than spring and summer.

126. There is no point in life. 

127. Tomatoes shouldn’t be considered a fruit.

128. Buying stylish clothes for babies is a waste of money.

129. Technology has made life worse. 

130. Ketchup should be kept in the fridge.

131. Traveling is a waste of money. 

132. Black leather shoes are more fashionable than brown shoes.

133. Rock music is dead. 

134. Cargo shorts look good on men.