11 Best Online Learning Resources that Make Learning at Home Easy for Kids

All parents wish to give the best education to their kids. And during the new normal, when most students are at home since schools are yet to fully open for classroom studies, the best that parents can give are online learning resources. Such resources can make learning at home easy for kids.

However, with such a vast number of online learning resources available over the Internet, it can become very confusing for you to select the best one for your kid. 

Below is a list of the “best online learning resources for kids” that will make your work a little easier to choose the online resource that suits the best to your child’s interest.

11 Best Online Learning Resources for Kids

While selecting the learning resource for kids, focus should be on the subjects where your kids lag or require extra practice.

Following resources will help your kid patch up grey areas of their studies and even acquire new skills that would come in handy at school and elsewhere.

1. CoolMath4Kids 

CoolMath4Kids is one of the best online resources that you could give for your kid to practice and learn math the easy way at home. CoolMath4Kids prides in calling itself the largest online amusement park of math for kids.

They offer hundreds of games that could teach your kids anything from simple additions and subtractions to tables, multiplication, division and even algebra. Your kids can learn through fun games how to create fractions too.

Best online learning resources for kids

Furthermore, CoolMath4Kids also features a lot of brain teasers and puzzles, which your kid can attempt to solve using math skills as well as problem-solving skills.

These puzzles help your child develop troubleshooting and critical thinking skills that would prove handy at all stages of life. CoolMath4Kids is mainly for children aged between three years and 12 years of age.

They also have another resource, CoolMath, which is for children above 13 years. However, your kids can use that too and learn advanced math skills.

2. Duolingo 

It’s a well-known and scientifically established fact that children can learn languages more quickly than adults. If you are a native English speaker, you can get your kid to learn a foreign language.

And if you are bilingual, your kid will learn only the colloquial part of the other language and not proper grammar.

Therefore, to help your child learn a foreign language at a young age, Duolingo is the best online learning resource that makes learning a foreign language easy for kids at home.

Simply download the Duolingo app on a tab or smartphone and provide it to your child. A simple practice of five to 10 minutes daily can help your kid master a foreign language over a period of a few months. And such skills definitely come in handy when the child is older.

Best online learning resources for kids

Duolingo helps children to learn different languages through practices in writing, speaking, and listening.

They have hundreds of languages for your child to learn such as Spanish, French, German, Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese), Hindi, Arabic and Japanese.

Every time the child completes a lesson successfully, the Duolingo Owl rewards the kids with a few points.

This adds to the excitement of learning a foreign language for free. Additionally, your child can compete against different learners or form groups of peers to learn a specific language.

3. PBS Kids

PBS Kids makes learning at home easy for kids through its various themed learning sections. They use characters from educational TV shows such as Sesame Street, Muppets, Curious George and Martha Speaks, among others.

These characters teach lessons to your kid on how to spell or count, grasp the basics of science and geography or math.

They use a very simple and user-friendly teaching format that your kid will definitely enjoy. It is one of the best online learning resources to make learning at home fun for your kids.

Best online learning resources for kids

All the TV show characters have different games that children can play, stories that teach various things, videos and sing-along rhymes to learn poems.

Since these are all interactive features, your child learns faster. Furthermore, PBS Kids also offers a lot of tips and guidance to parents on how to help their children to learn online at home and concentrate on lessons.

These games and interactive sessions are something parents and kids can enjoy together.

4. GoNoodle

Go Noodle is all about physical education and brain breaks for your kid and the best online learning resource in this genre. They have a program known as the Good Energy Movement or GEM.

The GEM encourages all children to participate in exercise videos that include dances, challenges, quiz contests and science lessons. This helps you to wean away the child from watching TV or playing video games over computers or smartphones for prolonged hours.

Best online learning resources for kids

Your child can also enter various contests for fitness exercises that GoNoodle hosts regularly. This resource also provides themed blogs on various household and routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning or eating into joyful tasks that every child enjoys.

5. National Geographic Kids 

National Geographic Kids helps your child learn a lot about geography as well as some history of the world we live in. They have a lot of online resources that make learning geography a joyful activity for children.

Your kids can discover strange animal species around the world and read a map of world history. The website is fantastic to teach a lot of trivia and general knowledge to your kids too.

Best online learning resources for kids

All lessons come with amazing pictures and graphics that make learning simple and easy. Your kids can also learn lessons in geography and history through various games that feature online.

The website also provides wholesome entertainment for the family. That means, as a parent, you can also participate in these lessons and test your knowledge of world history and geography. This website is suitable for children of all ages.

6. Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica isn’t a free resource. They charge a very nominal subscription to access their online version. However, you can sign-up for a 30-day free trial.

Maybe you’re aware that Encyclopedia Britannica is the best encyclopedias in the world and provides comprehensive knowledge about almost every topic in the universe, regardless of whether it’s about the humble paper that we use daily or life in outer space.

Best online learning resources for kids

This is an excellent online learning resource that makes learning easy for your kids. Your child can browse any topic of their interest and find amazing content on Encyclopedia Britannica.

All their content comes with appropriate pictures and graphics, which makes learning easy and fun. Your child can gain a lot of general knowledge that they wouldn’t usually learn at school or college, through this amazing resource.

7. TIME for Kids 

TIME for Kids comes from the world-famous TIME magazine. This is an excellent online resource for your kids to learn about the latest in politics, culture, environment, health, and sports.

It features a variety of articles on these subjects that are written in an easy-to-understand format for your kids. The website is somewhat designed like a magazine.

Best online learning resources for kids

However, the content on TIME for Kids varies vastly from that of adults because they have appropriate content including videos, graphics and pictures that your child would love.

TIME for Kids isn’t an interactive platform. However, your child can learn a lot about various issues such as global warming and poverty, among others.  

8. Cosmic Kids 

If your kids find it difficult to concentrate on studies or are hyperactive, Cosmic Kids is one of the best resources you could give them. Cosmic Kids operates through a website and a YouTube channel.

They use famous characters such as Harry Potter and Cinderella among others to tell educational stories using Yoga poses.

Best online learning resources for kids

They also have workout sessions with these characters so that your child gets enough physical activity and mental stimulation to develop a focus on studies.

They have meditation courses too that help your child to introspect and develop superb levels of emotional intelligence, which is a very vital life skill and important nowadays to land a job. Cosmic Kids, despite its name, is also ideal for parents.

9. Funbrain 

Funbrain is all that the name says. It aptly blends various educational resources including free kids books, videos, games and pictures, comics and shows for your child, with lessons from their school curriculum and life skills.

This means, your child will develop proficiency in a subject or even learn a new life skill, without realizing it. These games and videos, stories and shows aptly blend education in a manner that your kid won’t ever get bored of watching or playing them.

Best online learning resources for kids

They also feature a lot of storybooks that your child can access and read online. Some of their games include firefighting and nutrition.

Through these games, your child will learn what measures to take if there is a fire and the importance of feeding the body with the right nutrients.

There are countless such games and videos on Funbrain, which makes it one of the best resources for kids to learn easily.

10. Udemy

Udemy is a superb online learning resource for your kid. You will find several online courses on Udemy that make learning easy at home for kids.

Some of these courses are free while others are available at a nominal fee. These online courses can help your child to patch up grey areas in their studies in different subjects.

Best online learning resources for kids

That means, your child can not only master a subject well but also use the certificate for any references. Online courses are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because kids can learn anytime they wish. You can consider any of the superb online courses on Udemy for your child.

11. Science Bob 

Science Bob operates through a YouTube channel and a website. This is a superb online resource that makes learning science very easy for kids.

Best online learning resources for kids

As a matter of fact, Science Bob has featured on some of the most famous TV shows of America. Science Bob teaches your kid how to conduct various simple and non-hazardous experiments at home using everyday stuff.

Their project comes with instructions written in simple languages. If your child is interested in fine-tuning their knowledge in science, this is one superb resource you could try.

Over to You…

You can find all sorts of free and paid online courses and tutorials for your kids through these platforms. You could also try websites of educational TV channels such as History or The Discovery Channel for their shows which are very informative and provide a fun way to learn about different things.

In fact, the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic is causing some TV channels to create and offer special educational programs to young learners.

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