10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten

If you are looking for snowmen activities, I have 10 Snowmen activities for kindergarten that are sure to make your learners happy and help with skill building. These are perfect activities to use in January with your current curriculum to make skill building, skill practicing, and engagement happens in your classroom.

Snowmen Activities Introduction

Since I teach down south in the USA, we don’t have snow regularly. In fact, many times my students have never seen or touched real snow before. Some maybe have taken trips to places that have snowed, but we haven’t seen snow where I live for 4 or more years. This also means we don’t make snowmen. This also means we have to discuss and talk about snowmen very specifically to build background knowledge.

We use this pocket chart, or digital chart, or discuss what snowmen are. We also take this opportunity to integrate using describing words since that is a standard we teach in Kindergarten. What do the snowmen look like, feel like, and smell like, and what do they have? We chart these things as we have a class discussion.

Snowmen Books to Integrate

Now, we get to use some fun snowmen books to discuss how snowmen can be formed and created. We can discuss how they look different and how they are different. There are so many great snowmen books to choose from. Some of our favorites include Sneezy the Snowman, There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, and the Snowmen at Night Series.

#1 and #2 Snowmen-Themed Skills

Next, we dive into skill building with a snowmen-themed twist. Why? Well, little learners love themed activities and you need your little learners working on skill-building. Snowmen-themed skill-building activities are a win for everyone. Let’s dive into 10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten.

One of the 10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten includes building CVC words with real or nonsense words. Students grab these fun snowmen mats. They take the vowel snowballs and put them in the middle to create real and nonsense words. Next, students sound out the words created to determine if they are real or nonsense words. Since each mat contains different beginning and ending sounds, it is easy to differentiate for students and their learning needs.

An additional step in building CVC words is to be able to write them down on this recording sheet as your sort which ones are real and which ones are nonsense words. My lower students do not typically complete this step, since blending words is most likely their struggle. My higher students love this step. This is just another way to differentiate.

#3, #4, & #5 Snowmen-Themed CVC Word Work

Another one of the 10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten is matching these CVC words. Students match the CVC word to the matching picture and possibly use the recording sheet. Best yet, this activity is leveled for vowel sounds, allowing the teachers to use what their students need help with.

Another level of this activity has the same vowel leveling going on, but this version allows students to fill in the middle vowel sound. Honestly, this activity is a huge skill-building help since vowel work is one of the hardest skills we work on in Kindergarten. This is the activity shown on top. But also check out the word option on the bottom, which is the opposite. Students fill in the first and last sound of the CVC word.

And since all the CVC word-building options have the same images and color coding, you can mix and match based on your students’ needs.

More Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten

As we keep working down the list of 10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten, let’s check out #6. This activity is to practice writing. Every year, my kinders struggle with handwriting. We practice it daily but it is just that hard. Here is a practice activity we can use to work on handwriting with sentences. Students read the sentence, then re-write it.

We have a pencil option as well as a laminate and write with a dry-erase marker option.

#7 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten

Next, we have snowmen-themed word walls and writing prompts. We are going to pair these with a snowman art project for an awesome display. You will get so many writing options that it is impossible to not find one you can use.

Numbering Snowballs Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten

Need some extra practice with teen numbers? This is a super fun activity with numbers. Students pull out a snowman card and read the number. Next, they color in the matching snowball until all their snowballs are filled up. It is a great way to practice and review numbers. Plus, one of the recording sheets has an option for number writing work as well, which we all know is a struggle for Kindergarten.

Counting Numbers with Snowmen

Another skill we work on but need to constantly review is counting numbers. This activity is “snow much fun”… get it? Snow instead of so? Students get their numbers and color in the correct number of snowballs.

It is similar to the counting game shown below. For this game, students have color-coded mats. Students count the snowflakes in the cloud and match the card to the right number.

Build a Snowman Pattern

Every single year we work on patterns. Every single year, my student struggle with patterns, even though we use patterns all around us constantly. For all these reasons, I highly suggest including pattern building and making as a skill-building center to support learning in your classroom. This is the last of the 10 Snowmen Activities for Kindergarten. Students take the differentiated mats and add snowmen to them to either extend the pattern or build a pattern.

Snowmen-Themed Learning Activities

Be sure to grab all these activities and MORE! right here.

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